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This Map Will Take You To The Best Ice Cream Spots In Ottawa

Who doesn't love ice cream?!
This Map Will Take You To The Best Ice Cream Spots In Ottawa

There seriously isn't anything better than having a delicious cold ice cream on a hot summer day. Whether you're someone that loves to have ice cream or sorbet, there are so many places in Ottawa that are sure to cool you off this summer. During the winter ice cream sort of takes a back seat, but as soon as this hot weather rolls around, ice cream season is once again in full swing.

This crazy map is sure to have your back this summer. From bubble waffle cones to macaron flavoured ice cream, all of your ice cream dreams will come true in the epic map. It's time to explore your city and try some new ice cream spots. This is the season to take in the summer sun while enjoying a delicious ice cream cone, it's time to make the most of it. 

Here is the ice cream map:

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Stop 1: Stella Luna Gelato Cafe Hintonburg

1130 Wellington Street West

If you're someone that loves gelato, then you have to make your way to Stella Luna Gelato Cafe. This first stop will set the bar pretty high when it comes to ice cream. This cafe serves up a wide range of amazing gelato flavours as well as a range of sorbets. The award-winning gelato is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer. Not to mention the fact that the interior decor of this cafe will 100% give you breakfast at Tiffany's vibes.

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Stop 2: The Merry Dairy 

102 Fairmont Avenue

When the Merry Dairy first started serving Ottawa yummy ice cream it was from an ice cream truck that drove across the city. Last year they opened up their own permenant shop and it is perfect. The Merry Dairy serves up delicious ice cream that is sure to cool you down. Whether you're someone that likes scoops or soft serve or popsicles, The Merry Dairy sells a wide range of ice cream perfect for everyone. via

Stop 3: Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen

477 Bank Street

It's time for you to try out the famous bubble waffle cones! If you still have never tried a bubble waffle cone, this summer is your chance to do it. The ice cream at Moo Shu is Asian inspired and made from pure Ontario dairy and as many local ingredients as possible. The ice cream can be formed into two-bite truffles, perfectly round scoops, and delcious ice cream sandwiches. Moo Shu Ice Cream also sells a variety of vegan options making this stop perfect for all.

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Stop 4: Pure Gelato

350 Elgin Street

Pure Gelato is a true summer classic. They serve up delicious ice creams as well as a wide variety of sorbets. From tiramisu to Froot Loop to peanut butter, you will be spoilt for choice. They also sell a ton of sorbet options made with fresh fruit, some flavours include passionfruit, strawberry, guava, rasberry-lemon, mango, and lemon-lime. Plus they serve up refreshing fruit popsicles, so no matter what you're craving, Pure Gelato has got you.

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Stop 5: Piccolo Grande

96 Bank Street

This stop is perfect for a quick ice cream grab and go. Stop by Piccolo Grande and continue walking outside and enjoying the sunny weather. They serve up a wide range of flavours, from chocolate orange to maple crystal to coconut, you'll have trouble choosing a flavour to enjoy! Piccolo Grande has a larger location in the ByWard Market, but this one is a great on-the-go stop.

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Stop 6: Magic Molecule

217 Bank Street

This spot in Ottawa opened up relativly recently and it serves up epic liquid nitrogen ice cream. This will be a completely unique experience that you will never forget. While there you will have a lot of flavours to choose from, some are mango, strawberry, and passion fruit. Magic Molecule also serves up sorbet, bubble tea, bubble waffle ice cream, and classic ice cream as well (if you don't want to try something new).

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Stop 7: ThimbleCakes

369 Bank Street

If you're someone that lives a completely dairy free lifestyle, you need to head to ThimbleCakes. They create some of the most delicious vegan ice creams in the city. All of their ice cream is dairy free, gluten free, nut and egg free. They sell a wide range of flavours, whether you life bubblegum or mint chocolate chip, ThimbleCakes is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. They also sell unbelievable vegan cupcakes and they all look scrumptious.

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Stop 8: Quelque Chose Pâtisserie

70 George Street

Calling all macaron lovers, this spot 100% has to be on your summer ice cream bucket list. Quelque Chose Patisserie is making your ice cream dreams come true once again! This adorable cafe always comes through when it comes to being super innovative and creative with sweet treats. Let's not forget their epic macaron milkshakes and ice cream sandwich macarons that they served up last summer.

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Stop 9: La Catrina Churros + Café Bar

105 B Clarence Street

Churros + ice cream = a match made in heaven. If you're someone that loves churros then you need to try La Catrina Churros. They serve up churro everything! Whether you enjoy milkshakes or classic ice cream, you're sure to love every bite. The ice cream served at La Catrina Churros + Cafe Bar is from The Merry Dairy (so you know it's already amazing), then they add their own unique churro twist that is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

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Stop 10: Mantovani 1946

87 Murray Street

Talk about saving best for last! Finish off your insane ice cream journey by stopping at the delicious Mantovani 1946. As soon as you enter this gorgeous cafe you will feel like you've teleported to Italy. From the Italian music to the Italian treats, you will love every minute at this cafe. The gelato at this cafe has won awards so you already know it's incredible. This spot also serves up vegan options making it the perfect stop for everyone.

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