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This Is Probably The Most Instagrammable Acai Bowl Spot In Ottawa

When you think of summer, you probably think of the beach, patio drinks, and acai bowls. Maybe that's just me, but acai bowls have become super trendy in the past couple of years. While it's pretty much a big bowl of sugar, it's pretty, it's Instagrammable and it's, most of the time, healthy for you. 

Like we all know, Ottawa has been keeping up with trends and we're loving it. Not only is Ottawa becoming less of a government city and more of a fun city, but people actually want to come here now. And places like RAW Pulp + Grind are one of the reasons!

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RAW Pulp + Grind is a spot here in Ottawa that basically serves all health food. They're passionate about raw, healthy foods that will help cleanse the body while giving the nutrients you need. So not only is this place stunning, it's also good for you!

And don't worry, acai bowls aren't the only thing on the menu. They have healthy bowls for breakfast or any other time of day, smoothies, juices, and even energy shots. I know this place sounds like something you would find in NYC or LA, but we're lucky AF to have it here. 

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Not only is this place healthy, but it's also adorable. Located in Westboro, this place screams modern and we're here for it. With an all white, wood and green store, you'll feel very zen here which is what we all strive to be. So while you're eating your delicious acai bowl and drinking your healthy green juice, you'll really feel at home. 

They have a ton of different items on the menu, but their acai bowls are definitely their most popular. They have 7 different options and they range from chocolatey, to super fruit, to one with charcoal. If you've never tried an acai bowl, what are you waiting for?!

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RAW Pulp + Grind is located at 307A Richmond Road in Westboro. They're open every day of the week but their hours vary. For more information on menu, locations, and about the business, check out their website here

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