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This Is Where You Need To Go To If You Feel Like You’re Always Partying In The ByWard Market

There's a new place to hang out!

Any local will tell you that the place for nightlife in Ottawa is ByWard Market. The area is packed every weekend, offers an incomparable diversity of bars and has everything you need on a night out!

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Within six blocks you can grab a pint at an Irish bar, dance the night away in a club, sing along to live music and cheer on one of the city’s iconic sports teams.

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With something for everyone, it’s not hard to see why ByWard has quickly become Ottawa’s cultural hub, but if you’re a local, you may be yearning for more – especially when winter rolls around.

Canada’s capital is notorious for its harsh winters, so when the temperatures hit freezing and the snow starts falling, you may be looking elsewhere to feed your nightlife habits. This year’s solution? A complete tropical escape from the harsh winter - and it lies just across the river, in Quebec.

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From now until April 22nd, Lac-Leamy Casino is basically turning into a giant airport thanks to their aviation-themed Now Boarding event!

Sounds fun? Of course it does. But wait until you hear the details!

The Now Boarding casino takeover comes complete with $10,000 grand prizes thanks to their Hot Suitcases game, going down every Thursday! To play, all you need to do is fill up your suitcase - if the weight doesn't exceed 23 kgs, guess what? You win the prize inside the case! And one special suitcase just so happens to have the $10,000 grand prize!

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There'll also be mind-blowing entertainment, like the Aerographies dance choreography shows, and Caribbean-themed cocktails - including their Marley, with lime juice, rum and bitters; and the Paloma, with tequila and pink grapefruit juice.

Oh, and best of all? There'll be duty free shopping.

Yup, you heard right. Duty free shopping. The casino’s stores will be in “tax-free” mode during the event with discounts of up to 40% on casual wear, imported food products, jewellery, eyewear, perfumes, housewares, electronics and more.

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This tropical getaway is coming to Lac-Leamy Casino – literally right next door to Ottawa - March 12 until April 22. And to really get you forgetting about the harsh winter outside (and the fact that we all can’t afford a ticket to a sunny destination), the casino will be transforming their venue to look like an airport.

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Wish you were sitting on a beach somewhere? The casino has your back with Mexican-inspired tequila cocktails and a weekly prize draw of travel packages, suitcases, scratch tickets, coupons, and cold, hard cash.

If you’re as over winter as much as the rest of Canada is, you’re not going to want to miss this.

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It’s always a good idea to spend a night at Lac-Leamy, but with the plethora of events about to unleash on the casino, you may want to consider booking more. After all, who can get enough of a tropical getaway in the middle of winter?

Visit the Casino du Lac-Leamy website, Instagram and Facebook pages for more details and what to expect during their much-anticipated Now Boarding event!