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This Korean Restaurant In Ottawa Is Literally So Hidden You Would Not Even Know It Exists

When you hear that a restaurant is located in the basement of a building, your mind automatically think it's sketchy, probably gross, and where you'll get food poisoning. While that may be true in some cases, other times you find hidden gems that change your world... and your tastebuds. 

We have some great Korean restaurants here in Ottawa. As we all know, Ottawa is an eclectic city when it comes to food and we're definitely all foodies in this city. However, when you find a hidden gem, you kind of want to keep it to yourself. But this is my job so, I'm letting you in on the secret. 

Table 85 is not your average restaurant. Located in the basement of a Remax building lies this gem, which is one of the best Korean restaurants in Ottawa. Their Korean fried chicken is to die for, but they have so much more on the menu! They also are famous (from people that know about them) for their fried rice, shrimp kimchi rice and jajangmyeon noodles. 

Although Table 85 only has about 10-15 items on their menu, but what they do have on their menu is so delicious, flavourful and will make you want to come back for more every week. If you love fried chicken, and have never tried Korean fried chicken, this is the place to try it. 

While this gem may be hidden, that doesn't mean they don't have loyal customers. If you've ever eaten at Table 85 then you know that the building is not a regular building, and that the restaurant isn't a regular restaurant. The food isn't regular food either, it's beyond anything you've ever eaten! No matter if you get the spicy rice cake or the soy fried chicken, you won't regret any decision. 

If you're tired of all of the places to eat in Ottawa, you need to try Table 85. Table 85 is located at 610 Bronson Ave and is located inside of a commercial building. They're open everyday of the week except for Mondays and Sundays and their hours vary. For more information on menu, hours, and location, check out their website here

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