Poutine (or the 'Canadian Salad') is a dish that defines our great nation. Being an unlikely mesh of ingredients that would otherwise never be seen on the same plate, poutine is the embodiment of many great things coming together to create one beautiful masterpiece - very much, what Canada is. And one restaurant in Ottawa takes that mesh of differences to a whole 'nother level. 

The Great Canadian Poutinerie - in various locations across Ottawa - is a celebration of our favourite messy frenchy fry conconction. Located on Watters Road, The GCP boldly takes the original poutine to bold new directions that haven't been seen elsewhere in the city.

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We're talking some pretty abnormal food combinations that will probably be making you scratch your head. Some of the Great Canadian Poutinerie's most interesting varients include:

  • BLT Poutine (Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes with a drizzle of mayo)
  • Bacon Grilled Cheese Poutine (A sliced up grilled cheese bacon grilled cheese atop poutine)
  • Shawarma Poutine (so Ottawa)
  • The Italian Poutine (Spaghetti sauce, ground cheese and parmesan on a poutine)
  • Mexican Poutine (Salsa, crushed up nacho chips, jalapenos, and a choice of meat on a poutine)

And, of course, poutines could always be customized. Pogos on a grilled cheese poutine, anybody? The GCP also serves up the original take on the poutine and offers their dishes in many sizes - the 'monster' size being the biggest.

You can find The Great Canadian Poutinerie at three locations: 200 Deschamps Ave. (Vanier), 915 Watters Rd. (Orleans) and 2020 Lanthier Dr. (Innes). More info can be found at their website, linked here.

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