Donuts have become a trend in the last few years and we're not complaining. Donuts are an amazing treat, and no matter where you go, they never taste bad. While Ottawa isn't known for their donuts, they really should be. We have so many spots that do it right and that are super unique, and that's all we're really asking for in a donut. 

If you love donuts as much as I do, then you're probably super stoked for this map. This map takes you to 8 different spots and they're all amazing. You can do this all in one day and have a donut for every meal, or spread it out and have one on a cheat day! 

Here is the donut map: 

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Stop 1: Maverick's Donut Company 

46 ByWard Market Square

Maverick's Donut Company has taken over the donut game in Ottawa, and we're not mad about it. They opened their first location last year, and now they're one of the best places to get donuts! It's like Subway for donuts, as you can make your own or get one of the ones they have on the menu. They have vegan donuts as well, and they often come up with cute donuts like these unicorn ones.

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Stop 2: Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen + Bar 

18 York St

Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen + Bar sells tacos and donuts, and everything in between. This stunning restaurant has unreal mini donuts that you can share with the people you're with, or you can each get your own plate of them! It's called a 'donut trio' and you get whatever donut the chef came up with! They're so delicious and you definitely won't feel guilty eating these.

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Stop 3: Art Is In Bakery

250 City Centre Ave

Art Is In Bakery is a crazy good brunch and bakery spot in Ottawa that sells unreal cronuts. Cronuts are a mix between croissants and donuts, and they're unlike anything you've ever tried. From chocolate caramel to buttermilk potato donut, they really do have it all!

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Stop 4: SuzyQ Doughnuts 

969 Wellington St W

SuzyQ Doughnuts are the OG in Ottawa. Before Ottawa only had Tim Horton's, SuzyQ was the go-to and they still are. They have unreal flavours, from blue vanilla fruit loop to Canadian fav maple bacon and new flavours all the time! If you're looking for a gourmet donut, you've found it.

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Stop 5: Little Jo Berry's 

1303 Wellington St W

If you're looking for amazing vegan donuts, you'll find them at Little Jo Berry's. This adorable vegan cafe sells the most amazing baked goods, ice cream, and basically whatever treat you're craving but it's all vegan. These vegan donuts are to die for, and no guilt will be associated with eating them!

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Stop 6: Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar

1073 Bank St

Black Squirrel Books & Espresso bar hides some of the best donuts you'll ever taste. Made by Doughbaby Doughnuts, which is a local company, they sell these hand-made, nut-free, vegetarian friendly donuts at this adorable second hand bookstore. The bookstore has a cafe inside, so you can sit with friends or yourself while reading and eat one of these delicious donuts! You can check out their Instagram here.

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Stop 7: Rideau Bakery 

1666 Bank St

Rideau Bakery is definitely an underrated spot to get donuts in Ottawa. It's a family owned business, and they make such good treats that you'll want to go back for more. They've been around for 80 years, so they definitely know what they're doing!

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Stop 8: Mimi's In Manotick

1088 Bridge St

This hidden gem sells unreal homemade donuts that will blow your mind. Mimi's In Manotick is a new-ish spot that sells crazy good flavours from peanut butter banana chocolate donuts to Oreo to birthday party. Even better? They also sell ice cream, along with tea and coffee so you can get the real experience.