This Map Will Take You To All The Best Poutine Spots In Ottawa

So delicious, eh?
This Map Will Take You To All The Best Poutine Spots In Ottawa

Poutine has to be one of the best comfort foods you can ever have. Us Canadians love our poutine, this staple Canadian dish is a sure winner when it comes to dinner time. The delicious gravy and the melted cheese curds make for a tasty dish perfect for anyone. There are so many different variations of poutine it's crazy. From shawarma poutines to bacon poutines, it's hard to keep up with what's new!

The best poutine is hands down a classic one. Gravy, fries, and cheese curds is all you need to have an amazing poutine. Maps of places to go in Ottawa are the best, from ice cream stops to taco spots, there maps are super helpful when it comes time to plan a day out. Whether you're showing someone around the city or simply want to conquer the map, it's such an easy way to navigate and explore. 

Here is the poutine map: 

Stop 1: Elgin Street Diner

374 Elgin Street

This diner is a true Ottawa favourite. If you have never tried the epic poutine from Elgin Street Diner now is your chance to go because you are seriously missing out. This famous diner has been open for 22 years and has won best diner in Ottawa many times. If you go you have to try their unreal poutine and don't forget to order a shake!

Stop 2: Burgers N' Fries Forever

329 Bank Street

How incredibly tasty does that poutine look?! Burgers N' Fries forever serves up some amazing poutine that you need to try. They also serve up, of course, yummy burgers perfect for your next cheat day. They make an incredible 5 cheese poutine that has mozzarella, cheddar, swiss, parmesan, and Albert's cheese curds!

Stop 3: Bier Markt

156 Sparks Street

Now if you're looking for a spot that puts a twist on a classic poutine, then Bier Markt is the place to go. They serve up a Bacon Poutine that comes with smoked bacon, green onion, and creme fraiche. And of course, if you're craving for the classic, they've got that too. 

Stop 4: Nate's Deli 

152 Sparks Street

Nate's Deli serves up some tasty poutine. From pulled pork to pulled chicken to Philly cheese to smoked bacon, you will be spoiled for choice at Nate's Deli. They also serve up an incredible breakfast poutine that has bacon, sausage, and drizzled hollandaise sauce.

Stop 5: Dunn's Famous 

355 Dalhousie Street

With over 10 different types of poutine you will have a hard time choosing which one to eat! Dunn's Famous has got you covered when it comes to poutine. Some of their poutines include; Hot dog poutine, three cheese poutine, veggie poutine, Italian poutine, chilli poutine, and Philly cheese steak poutine. 

Stop 6: Fatboys Smokehouse

34 Murray Street

Fatboys Smokehouse is a Southern style smokehouse downtown Ottawa. They serve up a unique pulled pork poutine that combines the north with the south. It comes with their famous pulled pork, dusted fries, and St. Albert curds topped with their barnyard gravy. 

Stop 7: The Smoque Shack

129 York Street

The Smoque Shack serves up a unique BBQ style poutine. It comes with spice dusted fries, cheese curds, and BBQ chicken gravy. You can top it with pulled pork, pulled chicken, or shaved brisket. This Ottawa spot was featured in the Food Networks show You Gotta Eat Here, so you know it's epic.

Stop 8: Zak's Diner

14 Byward Market Square

Finish off your poutine journey at the famous Zak's Diner. At Zak's you can indulge in a delicious poutine while sipping on a yummy shake. They serve up a deep fried cheese curd poutine that is perfect for your next cheat day! Seriously, cheese curds are delicious on their own, can yo imagine them breaded?!

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