So, the weather in Ottawa is finally acting like summer (it's currently 25 degrees as I write this) and that officially means patio season! Are you as pumped as I am? Whether you're a beer drinker, a cocktail drinker, or a wine drinker, I think we can all admit that sangria screams summer. 

Maybe instead of going for tacos, you'd rather bask in the sun on a patio drinking sangria. I don't blame you! I've put together a list of 8 sangria spots that will kick off your summer in a great way. Of course, I think it would be too much to do this all in one day, but over a few weeks it can totally be done!

Round up your BFFs, put on your jean shorts and get ready for the adorable patio pictures on Instagram. 

Here is the sangria map: 

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Stop 1: Cornerstone Bar & Grill 

92 Clarence St

Cornerstone Bar & Grill is a staple in downtown Ottawa. Not only do they have the biggest and one of the best patios in the ByWard Market, but their sangria is to die for. You can either get it in a glass or a pitcher, but we all know which one you should go for. If you're looking for a bumpin' spot during the day to day drink, Cornerstone is your best option!

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Stop 2: El Furniture Warehouse

77 Clarence St

El Furniture Warehouse is a great spot to go if you can't spend a lot of money. All of the food on their menu is $5.95, and their drinks are expensive either! They have a great rooftop bar that is always packed in a good way, and their sangria comes in a glass for $6.75!

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Stop 3: Blue Cactus Bar and Grill 

2 ByWard Market Square

Blue Cactus Bar and Grill comes through for us sangria lovers. You can either order a glass, a 1/2 litre or a litre. So no matter what kind of day you've had, you can come to Blue Cactus and order up! They're right in the heart of the ByWard Market, so you can't miss them.

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Stop 4: Kinki Lounge & Kitchen

41 York St

Kinki Lounge & Kitchen is where a ton of fun happens in the ByWard Market. They have two types of sangria: one being boy toy sangria and the other is kick ass sangria. So you know they're legit! Kinki also has a front patio and a back patio, so you'll always have a seat!

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Stop 5: The Grand Pizzeria & Bar

74 George St

The Grand Pizzeria & Bar not only has delicious pizza, but they have some of the best sangria in Ottawa. They offer red or white sangria, and it's $7.24 for a glass or $25.99 for a pitcher, but I'd definitely recommend getting a pitcher. Sitting out on their patio and people watching/catching up with friends is so much fun.

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Stop 6: The Fox & Feather Pub and Grill 

283 Elgin St

This downtown pub has a great patio and also great sangria. If you're looking for a spot with great appetizers and to just chill out outside of the ByWard Market, The Fox & Feather is the perfect option! Or if it's too hot outside, they have three floors inside!

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Stop 7: Lieutenant's Pump

361 Elgin St

Lieutenant's Pump is a great spot overall. If you have food allergies such as gluten, or are vegan, the have separate menus for both! Or they're listed on the regular menu. They have a great patio where you can sip your sangria, and the one above in the picture is actually peach sangria. Yum!

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Stop 8: Pancho Villa 

361 Elgin St

Pancho Villa is an amazing Mexican restaurant in downtown Ottawa, and they serve drinks as big as your head. Margs, pina coladas, and... sangria! You can get sizes from a glass to a litre, or the mucho grande sizes that you'll see in most pictures. This is the perfect spot if you're craving sangria and Mexican food!