This Map Will Take You To The Most Unreal Christmas Lights In Ottawa

It's so lit.
This Map Will Take You To The Most Unreal Christmas Lights In Ottawa

It's the moooost wonderful time of the yeaaar! Seriously, if you're not ready to venture out, put gas in your car and see all the Christmas lights with a hot chocolate in your hand... who are you?!

Everyone loves a good Christmas tree, especially one that is taller than you and will look so good on your Instagram. Ottawa is such a gorgeous place to be during the winter time, especially during the holidays. While we don't have a tree like the one at Rockefeller Center in New York City, we still do have gorgeous trees, lights and houses that will brighten your day. 

Make a night out of it, or do all of these through December! To make it super easy for you, we've created the perfect map that will 100% put you in the holiday spirit. Grab your friends and put your Christmas playlist on repeat, let's go!

Alight at Night at Upper Canada Village 

Where: 13740 County Road 2

December 1st to January 6th

Why you should go: Why shouldn't you go?! Just about an hour from Ottawa is an entire village filled with lights, and it's Eastern Ontario's biggest outdoor light festival. If you're really in the Christmas spirit, you must check this holiday event out!

Vintage Village of Lights at Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

Where: 2940 Old Montreal Road 

November 24th to December 17th

Why you should go: 30,000 lights illuminate this museum, and it's something that you need to see. You can sing to your favourite Christmas carols while riding a horse-drawn wagon, as well as drink hot chocolate while walking around and taking in the stunning lights. 

Taffy Lane 

Where: Taffy Lane

All of December

Why you should go: If you want to imagine how high someones Hydro bill can be, check out Taffy Lane! But seriously, located in Orleans this street is filled with the most festive holiday decor ever. Residents on Taffy Lane go absolutely crazy during the holidays, and the street is actually known for it. It's a must-see if you live in Ottawa. 

Canadian Museum of History

Where: 100 Laurier St

All of December

Why you should go: If you're a sucker for big Christmas trees, you need to check this one out. Right outside of the Canadian Museum of History stands a gigantic tree that will light up your whole life. While you're at it, make sure to check out the gorgeous tree inside as well!

National Gallery of Canada

Where: 380 Sussex Dr

All of December

Why should you go: Not only is the tree at the National Gallery of Canada stunning from the inside, but you can see it through the large windows on the outside and it just brightens the place up. This tree is a signature one in Ottawa and brings so many visitors, and it wouldn't hurt to check out the museum!

Christmas Lights Across Canada at Parliament Hill 

Where: Wellington St

December 7th to January 7th

Why you should go: This is one of the many events Ottawans look forward to every holiday season! Lights illuminate the Parliament Buildings every night for a month straight, with different sequences inspired by Canada's climate, culture and nature. And it's so Insta-worthy. 

National War Memorial 

Where: Wellington St

Throughout winter

Why you should go: With the Chateau Laurier in the background, this setting will make you feel so calm and so full of cheer. The National War Memorial is a huge part of Ottawa, and with the lights surrounding it there is no way you won't fall in love with the city. 

Confederation Park

Where: Laurier Ave W & Elgin St

Throughout winter

Why you should go: Last year all of the trees in Confederation Park were glowing red and white to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. We can only imagine how gorgeous it will be again this year, and it's the perfect place for a winter walk!

Lansdowne Christmas Market at Aberdeen Pavilion 

Where: Lansdowne Park

All of December

Why you should go: This is one of the most stunning places in Ottawa during the holidays. The Aberdeen Pavilion is illuminated with red lights, and the tree sparkles green and white lights. There is a Christmas market that happens here throughout the month of December, but to really see the beauty of the tree I would suggest going at night.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Where: 774 Echo Dr

Throughout winter

Why you should go: This place looks like a fancy home in a Christmas movie, and that's exactly why you need to go and see it. Even if you're just driving by, as I'm sure it's gated, the stunning lights fill the entire property and it honestly looks like it's out of a movie!

Rideau Canal

Where: Downtown 

All of December 

Why you should go: First of all, the Rideau Canal is stunning all year round but during the holidays with all the lights it's at it's best. Although we probably won't get to skate on it for a while, you can walk around and admire the lights and just take in how beautiful Downtown Ottawa is!

Bayshore Shopping Centre

Where: 100 Bayshore Dr

All of December 

Why you should go: Uhm, obviously to get a picture with Santa and shop?! But other than that, you need to check out their gorgeous Christmas tree that is definitely not your average green tree. They definitely go for a more classy vibe, and while this doesn't exactly fit under the 'lights' category, I had to put it in here because it's so unique. 

Magic of Lights at Wesley Clover Parks

Where: 401 Corkstown Rd

November 17th to January 6th

Why you should go: If you want to experience holiday lights like never before, make sure to put Magic of Lights on your bucket list this year. You can drive down this 2km of lights, blast Christmas music, while being stunned at all of the light displays as well. I mean, when will you get to say you drove down a tunnel of lights?! Now is your chance!