This New Bar Just Opened In Ottawa And It Has The Most Incredible View Of Downtown

Officially on my summer bucket list.
This New Bar Just Opened In Ottawa And It Has The Most Incredible View Of Downtown

A new patio to chill on downtown Ottawa with stunning views? Yes please. I don't think any of us are complaining about this, especially right on time for summer. This place is perfect if you're trying to find somewhere to relax with your friends while sipping on your favourite drinks.

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When thinking about patios in Ottawathe views that go along with them usually include a busy street with cars and not much else.Other than Andaz's Bar, Ottawa doesn't have any bars with unique views. So Tavern On The Hill is the new gem of Ottawa.

Tavern On The Hill serves up a variety of drinks. The many drinks include beer, white wine, red wine, rosé, and champagne. They sell 10 different styles of gourmet hot dogs all made from locally sourced ingredients. 

There are so many seats at Tavern On The Hill so it's great for parties, birthdays, and just to chill with your squad. They also have couches to lounge on and tables to eat at - Tavern On The Hill is honestly perfection. 

From this patio, you will be able to see the Parliament Buildings, The Chateau Laurier, The Supreme Courthouse of Canada, the Ottawa River, the Astrolabe, the Notre-Dame Basilica and the National Gallery of Canada (basically, bring your camera's cause your Insta game is about to be strong). 

Tavern On The Hill was visited by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a couple of days ago *swoon*. You never know if you'll bump into him while you're spending a day chilling on the patio. This bar is 100% on my summer bucket list, as it was for Trudeau, and it should be on yours too. 

Tavern On The Hill is located in Majors Hill Park (1223 Alexandra Bridge). For more info check out their website here

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