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This New Chocolate Shop In Ottawa Is Everyone's Childhood Dream (7 Photos)

For everyone that has a sweet tooth, you know that coming across a shop that is dedicated to something sweet is everything. Whether it's a new candy store, a new ice cream shop, or a shop dedicated to chocolate and only chocolate. My mouth is watering just talking about it, and I'm more of a salty kind of girl for sure.

Everyone's dream as a kid was to live in a candy store. Maybe get lost in a candy store, and just eat all of the candy. Now that we're grown up, more of us are into dark chocolate, or chocolate infused with alcohol, etc. Chocolate covered strawberries are romantic to us now, and getting candy is a sign of love. Well, you can now get all of those things at this brand new chocolate store in Ottawa.

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Alicja Confections is a new chocolate shop in Ottawa, however, her brand is not new. Beginning in 2015, this company got their start in Winnipeg just as a hobby! Since then, they've moved to Ottawa, and opened the most adorable chocolate shop. The owner, who the store is named after, actually never liked chocolate as a kid so she started making her own. It is now her full-time job. I mean, isn't this all of our dream jobs?!

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The great thing about Alicja Confections is how many flavours they have. No matter what kind of person you are, what your tastebuds like, etc., you'll find a flavour you love. I'll name a few of their delicious flavours, just so you have another reason to stop by:

  • Cereal and milk (cereal and marshmallow)
  • Go nuts (donuts)
  • Lavender lilac (lavender)
  • Matcha (green tea)
  • Nicholas (potato chip)
  • Party in my mouth (popping candy)
  • Ramen bowl (dried ramen)

And many, many more flavours. Yes, you read that right. They have dried ramen chocolate. While part of me wants to say that's weird, something in me needs to try it.

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Even though they have a store in Ottawa, Alicja Confections is known for their postcard chocolates. You pick up a postcard chocolate, each is wrapped in an airtight bag, and the back of it has the message you wish to send. How cute is that?! If someone across the country is jealous they can't get a dried ramen chocolate bar, send it their way!

Alicja Confections is located at 829 Bank Street in The Glebe, and their hours vary. You can purchase all of their chocolate bars online if you don't live in Ottawa, but it's definitely worth the road trip here. If you're a chocolate lover, you've found your paradise. For more information on chocolate, locations, and hours, check out their website here.

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