Summer season = patio season and Ottawa is home to quite a few that are great, but there is nothing quite like this one. Lots of patios in Ottawa have views of rivers or of Parliament Hill, but a waterfall is a true first! This will 100% become your new summer hangout spot. Whether you head here to enjoy something to eat or simply sip away your day, you will have such an amazing time at this brand new outdoor patio. 

The patio is located at Rideau Falls, it has a view of the twin waterfalls where the Ottawa River meets the Rideau River. The unique design is sure to be a great place to go this summer. It's perfect for a chill hang out or a birthday celebration. 

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Tavern On The Falls is opening this Friday and we are so excited. This is the sister location of the local favourite Tavern On The Hill which has insane views of Downtown Ottawa. This new location is the same concept, with a totally different view. While you sip on your drink you will take in views of the Ottawa River as well as the falls. If you don't have a clear view of the falls, you will still here relaxing the sounds of the falls. 

Every Monday and Wednesday evening Tavern On The Falls will have live jazz music (weather permitting). Their location on the hill serves up Gourmet Hot Dogs, so it's very likely that Tavern On The Falls will be doing the same. They also serve up a wide range of drinks, no matter what you enjoy, they will have it. Some drinks served at their location on the hill include: 

  • Kimchi Caesar: vodka, Clamato juice, "Heirloom Kitchen" kimchi
  • Mimosa: cava, Apérol, orange juice
  • Kombuca: Raspberry or Ginger
  • Strawberry Daiquiri: rum, Luxardo, freshly-squeezed lime 

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Via tavernonthehillottawa

Tavern On The Falls will also be serving up Bridgehead Coffee. Just like their location on the hill, you can sip on a delicious coffee and enjoy a treat from Bridgehead Coffee. So even if you're someone that doesn't drink, you can still have a great time as you sip away your coffee. 

Tavern On The Hill quickly became an Ottawa favourite since it opened up last summer, from the gourmet hot dogs to the crazy views, it was an immediate favourite. This new location is sure to immerse you in nature and have you completely relaxed while soaking up all of the summer sun!

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Tavern On The Falls is located at Rideau Falls beside the Royal Canadian Geographic Society along Sussex Drive (1 John Street beside 50 Sussex), the outdoor patio offers you an unreal view of the twin waterfalls where the Ottawa River meets the Rideau River. They offer counter service only and cannot accept reservations. For more information about this stunning outdoor patio, visit their website here

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