Churros. They're a sweet treat we all forget about, but once you're near that smell, you can't resist. This deep fried goodness covered in sugar is exactly what we need more of in Ottawa. Thank the lord that someone listened. 

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La Catrina Churros Dessert Bar opened up in late May, and we're so glad that they did. While they do little promotion for their adorable dessert bar, they need to be known within the city. Even better? They used to be a food truck here in Ottawa!


You could say we're blessed with the opening of this restaurant. There is nothing like this in Ottawa, and it's a menu solely dedicated to different types of churros. Of course, they have other things on the menu for those few people who don't enjoy the delicious deep fried dough. But other than that, you're walking right into heaven. 

Since this place is so new, not too many people know about it. However, the prices for the churros range from $4 to $15, depending on if you get your own or a sharing plate. 

via @katlovesapples

So make sure to check this place out to get a taste of this Spanish dessert. La Catrina Churros Dessert Bar is located at 105 Clarence St in the ByWard Market, and they're open every day of the week. For more info, check out their Facebook page.