Donuts are one of the best desserts ever created. From cream-filled donuts to chocolate-glazed donuts, the deliciousness never ends. One thing is for sure, vegans also love donuts, but of course, it can be hard to find some yummy ones that are vegan.

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An Ottawa donut shop has officially started to serve amazing vegan donuts. From vegan ice creams to vegan salad bars Ottawa is slowly becoming a better place for vegans to enjoy amazing foods. 

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The vegan donuts come in two flavours. The adorable pink donut is Strawberry Cream and the simple glazed donut is Maple Coconut. The two flavours are every vegan's dream.

Whether you're vegan or not these two donuts are both worth trying. Maybe you're not vegan but just dairy-free, of course, both of these donuts are perfect for you! 

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Maverick's Donut Company is located at 1500 Bank Street and they are responsible for creating these vegan gems. They are open from Monday to Saturday (7am-7pm) and Sunday (9am-5pm). From my personal experience getting there before the evening is your best bet at ensuring they are available. For more information about this donut shop click here

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