French pastries and baked goods are seriously all too delicious. Whether you enjoy a croissant fresh from the oven or a delicious Pain au chocolat oozing with chocolatey goodness they are all so tasty! Not to mention freshly baked bread coming straight out of the hot oven! There's seriously nothing more mouth-watering than French baked goods. 

Ottawa has some places in the city that do serve up these French delights, but many of them are small and generally intended for a quick in and out trip. This spot in Ottawa is a serious hidden gem, not too many people know about its existence and if you've never been, now is your time to go!

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Le Moulin De Provence KD serves up the most scrumptious desserts in the city. The spot is a combination of a cafe and a bistro. The cafe serves locally roasted coffee and other drinks along with baked goods. They serve up Ethiopian, Bohemian and Guatemalan blends of coffee perfect for all coffee lovers. Whether you're a latte person or a cappuccino person, Le Moulin De Provence KD has got your back for sure. 

The bistro is a small restaurant that serves up simple meals in a chilled out setting. Their meals are focused on simplicity and quality. The cafe and bistro combination makes for a large space perfect for a get together with your BFFs. The space is brightly lit, minimal, and spacious. If you're searching for a new spot to hang out, you have 100% found it. 

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Did I mention this place is also super Insta-worthy? From the red wall where the pastries are located to the giant bistro sign to the cute bread wall, this place is crawling with perfect Instagram opportunities. The desserts are also all super cute and ideal for your Insta-story!

The pastries that are served up range between sweet and savoury. Some of their desserts include macarons, cakes, and croissants. Taking a single bite into one of their delicacies will have you going back to this cafe over and over again. All of their foods are packed with fresh ingredients and made with passion and love. Whether you go for the coffee, atmosphere, or the yummy desserts, you are bound to enjoy your time. 

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Le Moulin De Provence KD is located at 30 Metcalfe Street. They're open from 6:30 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday they're open from 7:30 am to 6 pm. If you're looking for a new spot to completely indulge in some fresh French pastries, look no further. For more information about Le Moulin De Provence KD, click here

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