Brunch has to be one of the best meals of the day. Yes having a yummy dinner is great, but nothing beats the first meal you have to start your day off. Whether you go to brunch every weekend with your friends or you've never had a brunch outing before, this spot in Ottawa is 100% worth a brunch trip. 

The cities food scope has been growing when it comes to restaurants that serve up vegan meals. From vegan donuts to vegan unicorn ice cream to vegan fried chicken and waffles, there are so many things in the city that are perfect for vegans. This restaurant in Ottawa serves some of the most unbelievable and decadent vegan meals you will ever try in the city. 

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Cafe My House is responsible for serving customers with the tastiest vegan meals ever. It's always great to find spots in the city that treat food as though it's an art, where every single ingredient has been chosen with love and passion. The vegetable-focused menu is created by Chef Briana Kim who creates these incredible meals. 

In 2009 Briana Kim opened the first Cafe My House on Bank Street and after five years she relocated to Hintonburg. This new spot has way more room plus it has an amazing patio during the summer! Kim won Gold Medal Plates 2017, so you know the food is top quality. She is extremely passionate about fine, complex, and unique vegan dishes.

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Now if you're someone that loves brunch then this spot has to be added to your bucket list ASAP. Their brunch is made to perfection and every ingredient adds a certain flavour to the dish. Seriously, have you seen an avo-toast any prettier than that?! Cafe My House serves up a variety of different brunch meals that will leave you feeling fully satisfied. Some of their incredible meals include: 

  • Avocado Toast: Avocado, cucumber, country sourdough bread, cultured coconut butter, basil lime vinaigrette, olive and walnut soil, micro greens
  • Chipotle BLT: BBQ coconut bacon, kale, tomato, herb cashew brie, chipotle ketchup, waffle bun
  • Tasting Board: Two mini burgers, kale caesar, pepperoni, apple sage sausage, pickles, two avocado toast
  • Breakfast Chartcurie Plate: Apple sage sausage, pepperoni, seasonal fruit, nut cheese, crostini, deviled egg, hollandaise

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Cafe My House doesn't only serve brunch, they also serve fine-dining 5-course meals. Now any true fine-dining cuisine lover knows that sitting down to eat a five-course meal seriously elevates all of your taste buds and transports you to a world of food. Cafe My House also serves up 10-course meals so if you're looking to have a vegan fine-dining experience, definitely head here. 

If you're a true lover of delicious foods, then you need to check out Cafe My House. They serve their yummy brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am to 2:30pm. If you want to try out a fine dining experience be sure to head here for dinner. Cafe My House is located at 1015 Wellington Street West. For more information about this amazing restaurant be sure to check their website here

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