If you make ANYTHING unicorn-themed it instantly becomes adorable. Recently there has been a huge unicorn trend when it comes to foods. Let's not forget last years madness that was the Unicorn Frappuccino! Not to mention Ottawa's very own unicorn donuts that are so cute. Whether you believe in unicorns or not, there's no denying that these treats all bring unicorns to life. 

Vegans in Ottawa are seriously being treated by so many different restaurants and cafes serving up vegan delights. From unbelievable vegan pizza to tasty vegan donuts, the list can go on! This cafe in Ottawa has got every vegan's back when it comes to desserts, snacks, and even meals.

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Little Jo Berry's is responsible for these cute AF creations. This is definitely not the first time this cafe has come through with a cute food trend. Just last summer Little Jo Berry's served up vegan soft serve ice cream inside of watermelon! Not to mention the many cute treats that are everything and more. From emoji shaped macarons to pumpkin spice ice cream to black ice cream, the list of food trends at this Ottawa spot could go on. 

This cafe is never afraid to try new things and we LOVE it. Little Jo Berry's serves a variety of vegan eats. Whether you're going for a salty snack or something sweet, there is a vegan treat for all. Some savoury snacks include mac and cheese, pizza, sandwiches, "chicken" parm, and so much more!

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Along with all of these savory snacks, there are also a ton of sweet treats. Some of these vegan delights include Fruit Loop Twinkies, cupcakes, ice cream, macarons, milkshakes, and ice cream sandwiches! Their menu is always changing depending on what ingredients are fresh and in season.  

The cafe isn't only serving up great treats, it is also suuuper Insta worthy. The interior of the cafe is bright with pops of colour. There's a pretty wall mural perfect for the backdrop of any cute photo. Plus the washroom has a super pretty circular mirror with stunning wallpaper making for a perfect selfie. 

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Little Jo Berry's will be serving up these adorable unicorn ice creams this weekend! So make sure you get your hands on one of these gems before they vanish. Make your way to 1305 Wellington West and treat yourself to one of these cute ice creams. They're open every day at 8 am and closing times vary depending on the day of the week. For more information about Little Jo Berry's and their hours click here

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