Summer is quickly wrapping up, so make sure to enjoy whatever's left of patio season while you can! One perfect way to enjoy the last few days of summer is by sharing a massive sangria tower in Ottawa. Stop everything and get your friends to join you in taking on this colossal 88 oz sangria tower this weekend!

This huge sangria tower is available at Mexicali Rosa's in Ottawa. If you haven't visited Mexicali Rosa's before, you're seriously missing out. They first opened in Ottawa in 1978 and are known for their delicious California-style Mexican food, like tacos and nachos.

The incredible sangria tower first launched this summer at their Dows Lake location. Since it was such a hit, it's now available at all three Ottawa locations!

You can now go to Dows Lake, Hunt Club, or the Orleans restaurant to enjoy the 88 oz sangria tower. But if you want to experience Mexicali Rosa's best patio, make sure to head to Dows Lake where you can enjoy a view of the water.

A regular 6 oz glass of sangria at Mexicali Rosa's is $7.25, while the 88 oz sangria pitcher is only $45. It's definitely worth it to get a few friends together and share one boozy tower! This refreshing cocktail is the perfect patio drink. It's a blend of Triple Sec, fresh fruit juices, and your choice of red or white wine.

Best of all, the sangria towers will be available all year. So even when the weather cools down, you'll still be able to get this 88 oz of goodness at all three Mexicali Rosa's locations in Ottawa.

88 oz Sangria Towers At Mexicali Rosa's

Price: $45 per sangria tower

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 1001 Queen Elizabeth Driveway, 540 W Hunt Club Rd, 250 or Centrum Blvd unit 112, Ottawa, Ontario

Why you need to go: Wrap up your summer with this insane sangria tower with your friends!