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This Spot In Ottawa Makes The Best Vegan Pizza In The City

Cause everyone loves pizza.
This Spot In Ottawa Makes The Best Vegan Pizza In The City

If you're vegan, you know it's pretty hard to get a good pizza that doesn't taste like nothing. Whether you opt for fake cheese or no cheese, you know it's still not the same. If you order a vegan pizza, you want all the crust, all of the toppings, and so much flavour. Not just a thin crust pizza with tomato sauce, c'mon!

Creating your own pizza is so much fun. Especially when the restaurant has great and unique options such as artichokes, truffle oil, pineapple (sorry if you're one of those people that hates pineapple on pizza), and so much more! Well, I've found the best vegan pizza in Ottawa, and it's time to share it with you. 

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Fiazza Fresh Fired is a delicious pizza restaurant in Ottawa that can serve anyone with dietary requirements. They have vegan cheese as well as gluten free crusts that are to die for. All of their pizzas are personal sized pizzas, and the quality is amazing. You'll taste the flavour one bite in, and even if you opt for no cheese instead of the vegan cheese, the toppings you choose will give it so much flavour. 

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At Fiazza Fresh Fired, you can either make your own pizza or choose from one of their specialty pizzas! Just switch out the meat and cheese, and you're golden. They have a huge list of sauces, traditional toppings and specialty toppings. They even have tofu if you're looking for extra protein!

Each pizza starts off as $8.55, the vegan cheese they use is Daiya and it's $2 to add that on, as well as $4 to make it gluten free. Their traditional toppings are $1.35 and specialty toppings are $2.35. So whether you go big or go home with this pizza, you know you're getting such good quality!

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Fiazza Fresh Fired is located at 86 Murray St and their hours vary. I highly recommend trying this place out if you're craving pizza, because anyone can enjoy it! For more information on menu, location, and hours, visit their website here

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