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This Ottawa Shop Serves Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream And It's Actually Insane

Talk about Ottawa jumping on the trends! In big cities like Toronto, NYC, and LA, liquid nitrogen ice cream is pretty normal. You see it, you eat it, and you love it. But in Ottawa it takes a few years to get the coolest trends in other cities, but we're so thankful when we do. 

If you're an ice cream lover, you need to take it to the next level by trying out liquid nitrogen ice cream. It gives the ice cream a nice creamy texture, and even though it looks like a science project, it's definitely better than that!

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Magic Molecule, which is located in downtown Ottawa, is a fairly new ice cream shop. Not only are the ice cream treats surrounded by liquid nitrogen, but they have fun tester tubes and syringes that are inserted into the ice cream to give it a different flavour. From flavours like mango and passion fruit and more, you'll wonder why you've never tried this stuff before!

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Not only do they have unreal liquid nitrogen ice cream, but they also have normal sorbet, bubble tea, bubble waffle ice cream and you can also get the ice cream without the liquid nitrogen if you want. The coolest part is that they make all of this in front of you, so you can really see the process!

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Liquid nitrogen ice cream is the freshest ice cream you can get, because it's frozen on the spot. Also, if it doesn't sound safe, it totally is! It's completely non-toxic, and is also flavourless. So just sit back, and enjoy your super crazy ice cream!

Magic Molecule is located at 217 Bank St and their hours vary. If you're looking for a unique treat in the summer to cool you down, this is it! For more information on hours, menu, and location, visit their website here

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