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This Stunning Cafe In Ottawa Will Transport You Straight To Italy

Everybody loves to travel so why not completely escape to Italy for the day at this amazing Ottawa cafe. From the comfortable suede couches to the gold accents, this cafe is perfect for a girls day out or a cute date with your love. If you're someone that craves taking a trip to Italy then you have to check out this cafe.

People are taking trips all around us, with March break coming up and Reading Week upon us the amount of airplane window Instas I've seen have us all dreaming of a getaway trip. There are a lot of cafes in Ottawa that are pretty, but this one is unique because of the simple yet fancy decor. This cafe is made for those of us who are super boujee and love feeling like royalty.

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Mantovani 1946 is located in the ByWard Market and is 100% worth a visit. The cafe is definitely Instagram worthy and the treats are all so delicious. Mantovani has been creating yummy treats since 1946 in Italy, so they know what they are doing. The cafe's Italian Artisan Gelato comes in a variety of flavours and they are all unreal. They also sell a variety of vegan sorbets so this cafe is honestly perfect for everyone. 

Each gelato is handmade to perfection. Every month Mantovani 1946 comes out with a flavour of the month that is handmade by Maestro Mantovani's creativity. The flavours range from fruits (mango, raspberry, lemon) to creams (hazelnut, almond, pistachio) to specialties (Croccatino mandorlato which combines chocolate chip ice cream with pralines and almond’s). 

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Not only do they sell unbelievable handmade gelato, Mantovani 1946 also serves up the most delicious Italian desserts you'll ever eat. From raspberry vanilla Panna Cotta to scrumptious tiramisu if you have a sweet tooth like me this will be your heaven. Honestly, the list of delicious Italian desserts just goes on; Affogato, Creme Brulee, Cannoli, Crostata, Meringues, Profiteroles, and so much more! This cafe is an Italian dessert lover's dream. 

Even the cafe's location will make you feel like you're in Italy! Beside Mantovani 1946 is a scooter shop called Scooteretti (the name says it all). And across the street from the cafe is Fiazza, a wood oven style pizza place. Can this cafe be matched up with any other shops?! Plus the cafe plays a variety of Italian songs making you really feel the Italy vibes. So instead of just sitting at home wishing you could go on a trip, take some time to explore our city and escape to Italy for the day.

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Mantovani 1946 is located at 87 Murray Street. They're open from 10 am to 9 pm between Sunday and Thursday, on Friday and Saturday, they close at 10 pm. The cafe seats about 50 people and has a special convivial area available for special occasions and events. For more information on the cafe, hours, and location, check out their website here. And check out Mantovani 1946's Instagram here to keep up with what's new at the cafe!

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