Spending your day at an aesthetically pleasing cafe can be great, but we all know that that’s usually something that costs quite a bit. Yes, getting that boujee coffee and pastry can be a treat, but once in a while it’s nice to just grab a cheap Timmies and head somewhere to sit. The only problem is that sometimes it can be tricky finding somewhere stunning to chill for free

Well, look no further because this hangout spot in Ottawa is perfection. From here you will see stunning views of Parliament and the Chateau Laurier. The windows here are huge, so the amount of natural lighting in here is goals. This is a great spot to head to if you're walking about downtown and need some time to chill. 

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The National Arts Centre is where you have to go to take in these beautiful Ottawa views. With exam season quickly approaching, this is seriously a great spot to study! Studying in a library or cafe is alright, but why not change things up by making your way to the National Arts Centre. 

These unreal seating areas are open to the public thanks to the newly renovated National Arts Centre. From time to time they hold events and certain sections get blocked off, but generally, these areas are open all the time. Whether you stop by to study, enjoy a snack, or even take some Instas this is seriously a great place to go downtown for stunning views. 

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The seating area is super bright and naturally lit through the giant windows. All of the seats are either white or red making for a super simple and minimalistic environment. From the seats, you can see Parliament, the Chateau Laurier, the Canal and the Shaw Center! This place is crawling with perfect Insta's everywhere you look!

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Make your way to the National Arts Center at 1 Elgin Street to chill out at this perfect spot. Even if you go here for a quick photoshoot, it's totally worth it! The NAC's hours vary throughout the week so be sure to check their website here for more information. 

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