No matter if you are a foodie or not, you probably loving eating out at restaurants. It's super fun to look at the menu and decide what you're going to get when you've never been there before. Maybe you look at the menu before hand online (like I do) or you want it to be a surprise when you get there. Either way, places that are open for brunch, lunch and dinner are where it's at. And I think I found the perfect spot. 

In Ottawa, there are a ton of upscale, low key, and/or simple places. You can get all three at one spot or pick and choose depending on your mood. If you're into the first choice, which is all three at once, then I think you've found your new favourite restaurant. But how can a place be upscale, low key and simple all at once? Well, I'll show you!

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Gezellig is a restaurant here in Ottawa that has two floors. Not only does that add to the simple but stunning decor, but it gives you a whole different vibe whether you sit on the top floor or bottom floor. This restaurant used to be a bank, until the owners turned it into something way more beautiful. See, with this restaurant, the decor is simple, the vibes are low key, but the food is definitely upscale. You'll be able to find classics like burgers and fries, but then you can branch out and try other things like crispy blue crab cakes. 

Gezellig is open for lunch, dinner, and for brunch every Sunday. For brunch, you get to choose any two plates per person for only $25 and their brunch is to die for. Don't worry, these brunch plates aren't like one little plate with one hash brown. You get to choose from things like eggs benedict, steel cut oatmeal, banana bread french toast, and more! For lunch and dinner, here are a few of their most popular items: 

  • Beef tartare 
  • Chickpea falafel 
  • Pan seared Quebec chicken breast
  • Cheesesteak sandwich
  • Homemade gnocchi 

Of course, these are only a few options Gezellig has to offer. They also have a ton of dessert options that you cannot pass up. On the menu is a "butter finger", pure gelato, buttermilk panna cotta, and more!

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If you're a crazy foodie, or just love food in general, you need to put Gezellig on your bucket list. This stunning restaurant is definitely goals, and you won't be disappointed. Even the pickiest eater like myself would try anything from here! Gezellig is located at 337 Richmond Rd in Westboro and their hours vary. For more information on menus, location, and hours, visit their website here

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