Can you escape this terrifying escape room in Ottawa? At Captivate Escape Rooms in Ottawa, you need to race to escape before you become the next murder victim.

In the "Charlotte" escape room challenge, you and your team of investigators enter a creepy haunted house to try to solve a murder. Entering the gruesome crime scene, you need to determine the who murdered two children - Charlotte and her little sister. Did the prime suspect their father Gerald, murder the girls then kill himself? Or is someone else to blame? As you begin to unsolve the mystery, you start to worry you might be the next murder victim.

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Be prepared to be on edge in this super terrifying escape room offered by Captivate Escape Rooms. The well-designed escape room is elaborately decorated and filled with eerie props and challenging puzzles to solve.

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Together with a team of 2 to 7 people, you have 45 minutes to escape the room in time. The cost of the room is $25 a person.

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Captivate Escape Rooms currently has several locations across on Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Vaughan and Ottawa. For more information about Captivate Escape Rooms, or to book trying "Charlotte" for yourself, visit their website.