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You Can Relive Your Childhood In This Extraordinary Treehouse Near Ottawa

This Airbnb comes with rope bridge access!
You Can Relive Your Childhood In This Extraordinary Treehouse Near Ottawa

As kids, we all dream about having a treehouse. But did you know there are treehouses available to rent on Airbnb? This extraordinary treehouse near Ottawa and Montreal is the perfect weekend getaway for adults, where you can spend the night sleeping in the trees.

Chalet In The Trees is in the village of Nominingue, near Mont-Tremblant National Park in the Laurentian Mountains. The incredible treehouse is two hours and 20 minutes away from Ottawa, and two hours away from Montreal.

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Chalet In The Trees is the treehouse of your childhood dreams! It's raised five meters in the air, up in the trees. To reach the treehouse, you need to cross a super fun suspended rope footbridge! The treehouse also has a deck where you can relax and enjoy the view of the surrounding tranquil forest.

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The cozy treehouse can comfortably sleep up to four guests. There is a raised loft bedroom with two double beds, along with one sofa bed. The main living area is surprisingly spacious for a treehouse, and has all the essentials you might need like a kitchen and living room. There's also a fireplace that's perfect for keeping the space warm on chilly nights.

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This unique Airbnb is the perfect spot to enjoy time outdoors. In the summer you can go canoeing, swimming, or hiking. During winter you can enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the nearby parks.

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Past guests of Chalet In The Trees loved their stay here. According to Airbnb, 100 percent of previous guests have given this vacation rental a five out of five star rating! If you're interested in staying at this treehouse that will make you feel like a kid again, you can rent it from $200 a night.

Chalet In The Trees

Price Per Night: $50 per person if you are a group of four

Address or Neighborhood: Nominingue, Quebec

Why you need to go: This Airbnb will make you feel like a kid again!

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