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This Underrated Pizza Place In Ottawa Will Actually Make You Feel Like You're In Italy

If you can't make it to Italy cause you're broke AF, don't worry. Little Italy in Ottawa is waiting for you, and this pizza place will make you feel like you teleported there. 

There are a ton of pizza places in Ottawa, some that are chains and some that are local. All of them should be on your foodie bucket list, but especially Roberto Pizzeria. 

Roberto Pizzeria is located in Little Italy, and is the closest thing you'll get to Italian pizza in Ottawa. Not only is it underrated, it's definitely a hidden gem in Ottawa that doesn't get enough credit. 

They only sell fresh pizza, except for a few sides like Caprese salad and salumi boards. Their wood-fired pizzas range from just pepperoni to a pie with figs and honey on it. Seriously, whatever you're craving, they have it and they make it unreal. To go with the pizza they serve wine or only local beer from The Big Rig and Kichesippi Beer. Now do you feel like you're in Italy?!

Seriously, people rave about the pizza in Italy all the time. Us Ottawans rave about Roberto Pizzeria. Want to eat your pizza in bed with Netflix? Don't worry, you can get it to go and experience real pizza in the comfort of your own home. I mean, who doesn't want that?

So next time you're deciding where to eat, I highly suggest Roberto Pizzeria. All of their pizzas are super affordable and you 100% get what you pay for, which is definitely quality pizza. 

There is nothing like a fresh Margherita pizza, which of course is all I want right now. Roberto Pizzeria is located at 358 Preston St. and is open everyday of the week. I think you know what your dinner plans are this weekend now! For more information, check out their website

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