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This Unique Show In Ottawa Will Actually Steal Your Heart This Holiday Season

Prepare for some legit feels.

Let's be honest with each other for a second here: life is rough. It can be all too easy to fall into the drudgery of day to day life.

But every so often, a spot of sunlight may enter our otherwise monotonous days. Perhaps we search for this sunlight, always chasing... but never attaining that golden warmth. Sometimes, though, we need not reach. Sometimes the sun simply falls into our laps.

And in this case, that ray of sunshine just so happens to be a show. But it's not just any show.

This play, going down at the Great Canadian Theatre Company, might just change your life - and will definitely change your point of view on the human condition.

Blind Date is about... well, a blind date. The show introduces Mimi, a sexy French clown waiting for her blind date - except he doesn't show up. Rather than allowing herself to feel slighted by the experience, Mimi turns the date around to focus on the true star of the show: you.

Yup, that's right. One audience member will step up and fill in the shoes of Mimi's blind date, and throughout the course of the show, something truly inspiring happens. Magical, even. During each and every show, Mimi will have you falling in love with that audience member.

The show highlights and focuses on the best aspects of the random audience member. Even though the show is unscripted each and every time, Blind Date's main character strives to get to know her date. And through that kind of fly-on-the-wall voyeurism, you're getting to know her date, too; the result is a heartfelt, warm and funny (but never at the expense of the audience member!) show.

Oh, and that audience member? It changes every single show and could be anyone. It could be your boyfriend or girlfriend, your husband, a family member or a friend... everybody's fair game. But no worries if you know you wouldn't be comfortable getting called on stage.

The Blind Date team carefully picks an audience member before the show begins at the cocktail party in the lobby. You could say that the play really begins here since Mimi will be mingling with audience members and checking to see who would be ready and willing to come up on stage with her. Don't worry: although nobody knows who exactly will be Mimi's blind date, nobody gets chosen unless they've given explicit consent.

Since the show is unscripted and stars a different audience member every time, each and every show is different, unexpected, heartwarmingly funny, unique and very special in its own way (which is why people tend to see Blind Date more than once; every show is super different).

But in every single show, there are moments of spontaneous, uplifting hilarity... and beautifully touching moments too. Come for the laughs, stay for the feels.

After every single show, you'll leave having connected to another human being; to someone who was just a stranger before the play began. Or, if someone you know is filling in for Mimi's blind date, then you'll leave looking at them in a whole other light.

And if you're called up on stage to fill in for Mimi's blind date? Well, then you'll leave the show with a whole new appreciation and love for yourself. Because Blind Date is much more than just a show. It's a touching, fun, spontaneous platform showcasing the true art of human connection.

Blind Date is running at Ottawa's Great Canadian Theatre Company from November 28 - December 17, 2017. The play will feature two "Queer Nights" on December 9 and 16. On December 9, Mimi will choose a female audience member to fill in for her no-show date; and on December 16, a male main character, Mathieu, will pick a male audience member to fill in for his.

For more info on Blind Date, and to get your tickets, check out the Great Canadian Theatre Company's website, Facebook, and Instagram page!