There's no denying the feeling that going to chill at cafes is on the rise. Ottawa is home to many stunning cafes, but there's nothing better than taking a quick road trip to explore new places. The culture of heading to your favourite cafe in the city with your BFFs definitely feels like it's rising and many people have their very own cafe bucket list, well if you do it's time to add this spot to it.

Coffee shops have to be one of the nicest ways to get out of your house and spend some time out for a bit. Whether you go to cafes to study or simply to enjoy a drink, they are always so inviting and warm. This spot is not only stunning, but they also serve up so many breakfast and brunch meals that honestly look unbelievable. 

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NORTHSIDE Espresso + Kitchen is the most beautiful cafe and they serve such great meals. This cafe is inspired by the thriving cafe culture in Melbourne, Australia. They believe that coffee isn't just a way to wake you up in the morning, instead it's a way of life. Northside combines the three essential parts of Australian cafes, yummy breakfast, friendly service, and third wave coffee.

Melbournians believe that cafe culture is all about authentic service, genuine connection and high-quality products, all in a space where you feel at home. With its roots grounded in Italian and Greek immigration in the 50’s, the communities in Carlton and Brunswick ensured that a love of espresso was firmly placed on the north side of the river (hence the name Northside). As the years past, coffee began to merge with fresh produce and Aussie beach culture, seeing the start of a unique style of cafe.

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The atmosphere at this cafe is so inviting, calming, and bright. With the sun reflecting off of the bright white walls you are sure to feel energized from the moment you enter. Not to mention the cute greenery around every corner at the cafe. From left to right you will be in awe of the beautiful plants scattered across the room. 

Did I mention that they also have the most stunning patio ever?! During summer months Northside opens up their pretty patio making it the perfect summer chill spot. From the brick walls to the white furniture to the green plants, you will be seriously spoilt for choice when it comes time to take your photos for Instagram. 

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Northside offers a menu that is seasonal, fresh, and as locally sourced as possible. They only use free run eggs, organic products where they can and collaborate with thriving culinary communities. They are extremely passionate about fresh quality food.

Their meals are creative, vibrant, and all super fresh. They serve a variety of vegan and gluten-free meal options too, so they seriously have got everyone's back. Some of their meals include: 

  • Chia Pudding: Passionfruit and almond milk soaked chia seeds with seasonal fruit, bufala yogurt and house made toasted muesli 
  • Brekkie Bowl: A warm bowl of seasonal veggies with kale pesto, grains, seeds, a poached egg and hazelnut dukkah
  • Baked French Toast: Baked sweet french toast with mascarpone cheese, seasonal fruit, seeds and nuts
  • Avo Smash: The Melbourne classic - smashed avocado with feta, mint, lemon and Thai chilis on grilled sourdough 

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NORTHSIDE Espresso + Kitchen is located in Kingston, Ontario and it is for sure worth checking out. Kingston is the perfect place to go to if you want to escape from Ottawa for the day or the weekend! There are so many fun things you can get up to while you're in Kingston and be sure to add this spot to your list. For more information about this stunning cafe check out their website here

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