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This Urban Sugar Shack Coming To Ottawa Can’t Be Missed

Get ready for some axe throwing fun!
This Urban Sugar Shack Coming To Ottawa Can’t Be Missed

It is definitely sugar shack season and with the snow taking forever to melt away, we may as well embrace the last bits of winter that remain. Sugar shacks are so much fun. From the tasty taffy to the fresh meals, the only possible thing that could be annoying about sugar shacks is that they're usually always hidden in the middle of the woods making them super hard to get to. 

This sugar shack event that's going to be held in Ottawa will let you enjoy the positive parts of sugar shacks and completely remove any negatives! You can take a bus straight to the event instead of needing to find a ride to a forest that's located who knows where. It's time to indulge in sweet taffy and enter a huge urban sugar shack. 

Sugar Lumberfest will completely transform the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne into a huge urban sugar shack. There will be four sittings where you can enjoy a non-traditional gourmet meal made by chef Jean-Philippe Ménard. Some of the many meals on the menu include Roasted Squash Hummus with Smoked Paprika, Rum and Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Loin, and Sugar Cinnamon Donuts.  

Each meal is prepared with care and precision. Maple Syrup that is included in the meals is fresh from maple trees making each meal absolutely scrumptious. You have to reserve your seat to eat at one of four sittings where you will completely indulge in these gourmet meals. 

While at the urban sugar shack you will have a ton a fun by joining a lumberjack competition.  The lumberjack competitions include axe throwing and log throwing! There will be seven different stations at the event that will allow you to unleash your inner lumberjack for the day. To make this festival even better, there is a hot chocolate bar and a Maple Taffy bar!

This is the second year that Sugar Lumberfest is taking over Lansdowne and if you missed it last year now is your chance to attend. Whether you're trying to find something to do for date night or you're on the lookout for a new and unique event, you have to check out this urban sugar shack. 

Get your tickets ASAP before they're all sold out! Sugar Lumberfest is on March 24th and you need to go. Ticket prices vary depending on which session you would like to go to. If you're someone that loves a party setting then you will for sure like session four that will be held from 9 pm to 12 am and only available to you if you're 19+. For more information on the festival and to grab your tickets, check out Sugar Lumberfest's website here.

Via OttawaSugarlumberfest

Via OttawaSugarlumberfest

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