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Top 10 Exciting/Weird Things That Happened In Ottawa In 2016

I think we can all agree that we're ready for a new year. 

But with the new year comes a lot of reflecting and a lot of memories. We're always so caught up in what's happening in our own lives, sometimes we forget to reminisce on what happened in our own city. A lot did happen, and to go along with the vibe of this year, a lot of that stuff was weird.

It's almost time to say see yah to 2016, and embark on a new year with new intentions and bigger goals for ourselves. So, let's look back on what made Ottawa exciting, weird, and also hilarious this year. This city is getting less and less boring, and I think we're all secretly loving it.


1. The Ottawa Sinkhole

That was weird. And very confusing. Now it's like nothing ever happened. So I guess let's just move on from that, but always remember the amazing memes that came from it.

2. Ottawa's Own Netflix Movie

If you haven't heard, which you probably have, back in October Netflix released the first Ottawa produced film called I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. Ottawa is stepping it up!

3. Barack Obama Visited Ottawa For The Last Time As POTUS

It was a very sad day in Ottawa, that's for sure. Let the bromance between Obama and Trudeau live on forever!

4. Emma Watson Visited Ottawa

No one really knew Emma Watson was here until she left, however, we welcomed her with open arms as she was here to talk about gender equality and how young people should be involved in politics. Hopefully this isn't her last time here, and it seemed like her and Sophie Trudeau became the coolest BFFs.

5. Ottawa Got Its Very First Indoor Rollercoaster

At Funhaven. Where all of the magic happens. This roller coaster is only a few weeks old, however, it's definitely something to try if you miss riding rollercoasters in the summer. It's not exactly as big as the Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland, but it's close.

6. Justin Bieber Walked Around Alone Downtown

And held a baby at the Laff, grabbed an Iced Capp at a Tim Hortons downtown and chilled on the Parliament Hill lawn. No one seemed to bug him, either. That's Ottawa for you!

7. Ottawa Finally Gets A Chipotle (Kind Of)

Even though Mucho Burrito is bae, Chipotle will be coming to Ottawa early in the new year and Ottawans cannot wait. The first one will be put in at the CF Rideau Centre, and the wait will soon be over. This news was definitely needed in 2016, as it was such an odd year.

8. We Won Something In Sports

How proud are we of the REDBLACKS?! Last year the CFL team made it to the Grey Cup, but unfortunately lost. This year, they didn't let that happen and took it home! It was a great way to end 2016, and Ottawa can finally be known for being great at something in sports.

9. Ottawa Becomes Home To The First Super Cool Starbucks In Canada

When Ottawa gets something cool before everyone else... once. This two-storey Starbucks opened up in the ByWard Market this year, and it's the first one of it's kind in Canada. This location not only sells unreal and fancy hand-crafted brewing techniques, but they also have a license. So that means after 4 p.m., this location serves beer and wine. Good job, Ottawa!

10. CF Rideau Centre Expansion Saved Us All

And finally, we all sighed a breath of relief when the CF Rideau Centre expansion opened up. It was a great move for Ottawa, considering it's such a tourist spot as well. And also because we were sick of having the same stores in all the malls here. This expansion was exactly what we needed, and it definitely saved us a trip to the states to find clothes we like. It's all about variety, and we finally have it!

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