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The Top 15 Places In The World You Must Travel To In 2017

So 2016 is almost over, and here is the time to make New Year's resolutions. Next to weight loss, travel is a huge resolution people have. They want to see more of the world, and of course, why wouldn't you? The world is a beautiful place.

Why not start off by day dreaming, then turning that dream into a reality? They say if you visualize yourself somewhere for long enough, you'll end up there somehow. Travelling is such an important part of life, especially if you want to learn about yourself. There is no way 2017 can be worse than 2016, so book yourself a trip to one of these magical places for getting through this year.

Here are the top 15 places in the world you must travel to in 2017, you won't regret it. Book that plane ticket... NOW!

1. Grindavík // Iceland

2. Hallstatt // Austria

3. Cinque Terre // Italy

4. Abisko // Sweden

5. Zermatt // Switzerland

6. Chefchaouen // Morocco

7. Los Cuernos Del Paine // Patagonia

8. Rio de Janeiro // Brazil

9. The Great Barrier Reef // Queensland

10. Oahu // Hawaii

11. Prague // Czech Republic

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12. Dubai // United Arab Emirates

13. Cape Town // South Africa

14. Lake Wanaka // New Zealand

15. Yosemite // California

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