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Trudeau's Fav Restaurant Is Just 2 Hours Out Of Ottawa And It's Worth The Trip

Asian food is our Prime Minister's favourite food and I can't disagree with him. According to Business Insider, Trudeau loves sushi and this restaurant that is 2 hours out of Ottawa is his favourite place to eat it. 

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Sakura Gardens is in Montreal and it is for sure worth the drive. Sakura Gardens is an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant. 

If you're a lover of sushi you should definitely add this restaurant to your bucket list.The restaurant is super authentic and traditional. 

They serve Kaiseki Ryori which uses seasonal fresh ingredients that are prepared in ways that enhance the original taste of the ingredients. The modern Kaiseki meal can consist of as many as 15 different courses featuring sashimi, tempura, tofu, fish and meat dishes. 

Having the chance to share a Kaiseki meal in a Japanese traditional environment is a rare privilege Sakura Garden gives you this opportunity. 

To try out Trudeau's fav place to eat, take a road trip to 3450 Rue Drummond,you won't regret it.

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