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What Type Of Student You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's hard to know why we are the way we are. Why do some people seem like they're just natural geniuses, while some of us still can't even multiply without a calculator? I guess we'll never truly know, but let's just blame some of it on our zodiac sign.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you can learn a little bit about what type of student you are by the characteristics of your zodiac sign. Plus, this article is a great excuse for when you bring home a bad grade and your parents are questioning you. "Mom, Dad. I can't help it. It's just written in the stars." Let me know if they buy it.

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1. Aquarius // Creative Cathy

Being as creative as an Aquarius is bittersweet. They're very innovative, and think very carefully about how they will get things done to the best of their ability. However, they're so particular that they get frustrated when things don't go their exact way. An Aquarius is good at everything, and math comes easy to them because their minds are always wanting to learn new concepts.

2. Pisces // The Perfectionist

Pisces need everything to be perfect. They're very hard on themselves, and never want to take a day off or miss school. Pisces are very detail-oriented but can get stressed out over the littlest things. They overthink everything in their life, but when it comes to school they need to prove something to themselves. Don't worry, Pisces. Your hard work never goes unnoticed.

3. Aries // The Leader of the Pack

You strive in group projects, Aries. You're the leader in all your classes, and it wouldn't be a surprise if you were student president in high school. You love to be noticed by your hard work and will never let anything get in the way of you being a leader. It's your way or the highway, which people don't mind because you know exactly what you're doing!

4. Taurus // Hands-on Learner

Tauruses learn better when what they are learning is right in front of them, instead of written in a book. Tauruses make great chefs because their learning while working. They feel as though they remember things while actually doing them, which gives them the upper hand. They are more committed when they know for sure that they can do something, rather than waiting to learn down the line.

5. Gemini // The Human Sponge

Gemini's learn things very quickly and will remember whatever you tell them forever. It's rare for a Gemini to forget big details, and they also love helping people who don't understand. Gemini's can become obsessive when they find something they really love and will learn about it for hours on end. They're super picky learners and hate to learn about stuff they're not interested in, but because their brains are like a sponge, they remember everything anyways.

6. Cancer // The Go-Getter

Cancer is always focused on their goals which makes them work super hard all the time. They're not one to leave things to the last minute, and will always strive to get the best grade that they can. They're very persistent and never miss handing in assignments, even if they're sick. You can always count on Cancer's to be great partners during projects.

7. Leo // The Helper

Leo's don't just make great students, but they're also great teachers. They get their work done and they get it done fast, which leaves time for them to help others who don't understand. Their guidance is very helpful and since they soak up information very fast, they know exactly what they're talking about. They take learning very seriously, which is why becoming a teacher would be the best fit for a Leo.

8. Virgo // Eyes on the Prize

Virgo is are extremely hardworking and they want everyone to know it. They always put their work first and are focused solely on their future. They don't brag about their grades, but they're very proud of their hard work and the time they put into it. They're natural learners, so they love learning about new things and it encourages them to be a better student. They don't strive for anything but the best.

9. Libra // The Social Learner

Learning? No thanks. Just kidding, but Libra's are typically at school to socialize and be around others. They love to 'study' in groups, and hate doing schoolwork alone. Leo's and Libra's would be great friends at school because of this. Libra's like to bounce ideas off of other people and always needs others opinions to feel good about their work. Let's just say, Libra's like the social aspect of school way more than the actual work.

10. Scorpio // The Passionate Learner

Scorpios will go to the ends of the earth to find out information. They are very passionate learners, and when something interests them that's all they want to research. They love to learn and see homework and projects as a necessity, not an option. School comes first to Scorpios and they don't consider studying for a test 'work'.

11. Sagittarius // The Explorer

This sign loves to explore what they're learning. Whether that's watching documentaries or going to the place they're learning about, it helps them connect with the subject. Sagittarius' are naturally spontaneous, so they would love to study history and take trips to ancient artifacts and monuments around the world. Like Tauruses, they are also hands-on learners and like to see what they are learning about to understand it.

12. Capricorn // The Genius

Capricorns just get everything. And if they don't they're not afraid to sit through a lecture after raising their hand to ask a question. They don't play around when it comes to schoolwork, and you'll always see them going the extra mile. They probably never sleep and never take a day to rest. Their mind is always racing, and Capricorns also love helping people who don't understand. They're the leader in every group project, and everyone is definitely okay with that.

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