Move over, Uber. There's a new car service in town that doesn't have hidden fees. On Monday, February 12th, Lyft confirmed that they would be launching in Ottawa in the coming weeks. While Lyft has not announced the specific launch date as of yet, the San Fransisco based brand said that Ottawa just makes sense as their next adventure. 

In an interview, Aaron Zifkin, who is Lyft's managing director for Canada, said "Ottawa was a natural fit. It's the capital of Canada and obviously the heartbeat of the country and so we wanted to launch there as quickly as possible." Lyft's first launch in Canada was in Toronto a couple of months ago, and they have had great success there. 

Lyft is super comparable to Uber, which launched in the capital in 2014. Uber has had a ton of success in Ottawa, even creating a rift between Uber drivers and taxi drivers. While the two can't exactly be compared, since taxis have a fixed rate and Uber does not, Uber is not worried about having competition in Ottawa. Uber Canada spokeswoman Susie Heath weighed in on this, saying "Uber is proud to have paved the way for ride-sharing in Canada and we welcome competition that encourages the use of more transportation alternatives." 

Although this could mean big things for Canada in general, Aaron Zifkin says Lyft isn't focusing on a multi-city launch as of right now. "We're just really focused on Ottawa and making sure we have a great experience for our riders, drivers, and city at large", says Aaron. 

Lyft is similar to Uber as it starts as an app on your smartphone. You simply enter in your credit card information and order rides without having to make any type of call. You can find the amount it will cost you on your phone before you even get into the car. Ottawa is definitely a great city to launch in, as the city is growing faster than ever now. It's becoming a new, less boring Ottawa and trends definitely stick around here. 

Source: Ottawa Citizen