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The Ultimate Ottawa Scavenger Hunt You Have To Try At Least Once

No matter what age you are, scavenger hunts are so fun. You can do them for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or for the hell of it. But this time, we're doing it so you can get to know your city a little bit better!

This scavenger hunt will take you through the city to cool wall art, great food/restaurants, and to city monuments. Although there isn't a winning prize, it'll make for a great day with your SO or best friends, and you'll hopefully find new great places to hang out.

To all of you with a competitive nature, I wish you luck! And for those who don't have an ounce of competitiveness in them like me, at least these places are cool AF so you can take the perfect Instagram.

1. This pop art wall

2. This simple but unreal art piece

3. This sassy sign

4. The closest you'll probably ever come to a real camel

5. This crazy beautiful decor

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6. The ultimate Fruit Loop latte

7. These heartwarming statues

8. This super abstract bathroom

9. This beautifully designed wall

10. This London themed cafe

11. This unreal pizza dough wrapped burger

12. This super industrial restaurant

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