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Unfortunately, Ottawa's New LRT System Won't Be Ready Until 2019 Now

Ottawans have been banking on the fact that the new LRT system would be up and running in late 2018, but according to CBC, that's pretty unlikely. 

This new LRT system, which was said to be open for business on November 2nd of this year, has now been pushed back to 2019. The reason? John Manconi, who is the OC Transpo boss, told city councillors that the company building the new LRT system has to meet several contract requirements before they can meet the deadline. 

This basically means that they want to have all of the 34 vehicles and stations ready to go for the opening date, but John Manconi thinks otherwise and is hoping city councillors will reject. At first they thought they could meet a November 30th deadline, but they don't believe they could meet that deadline either. 

The new LRT system, which is a 2.1 billion dollar project in Ottawa, has already been pushed back a few times. This is not great news for everyone looking forward to the new system in Ottawa, as it seems like the new deadline may be in the dead of winter. 

So when can we expect a new deadline? Although we're not sure the exact date of when it will be ready, the Rideau Transit Group (RGT) mentioned that it will be ready for passengers 'sometime in 2019'. Since this is the second time they have missed the deadline, if they miss the November 3rd deadline, then the RGT will have a 1 million dollar penalty on their hands. 

While this is definitely not great news, it's best to remember that it's better to take the time to make sure it's perfect then to rush a large (and very expensive) transit system. Hopefully we will get to experience what costs 2.1 billion dollars next year. 

Source: CBC News

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