Skip the traditional going out for drinks date, and be a little more creative. In the fall there are plenty of outstanding date options for people who don't drink.

Regardless of your budget, you can enjoy a fantastic date without alcohol. Fall is the perfect time to get outdoors and see the brightly colored leaves. With Halloween approaching, there is also plenty of festive events happening around the city that would be fun to attend too. Want to keep it simple, why not take your date out for some pumpkin spice lattes?

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Here are some date ideas that you will want to try this fall.

Head To Pumpkinferno

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For the perfect fall date, head to Upper Canada Village to see Pumpkinferno. Until the end of October, 7000 handcrafted pumpkins are lit up every night and transformed into giant sculptures. Buy two tickets and wander through the Halloween themed displays together.

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Pick A Pumpkin

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For an affordable date head to a local pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin together. Buying a pumpkin is a very inexpensive date idea, and the pumpkin patch makes for a cute photo spot to take a pic together. After you get your pumpkin, you can head home and carve your pumpkin together to create a jack-o-lantern.

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Go On A Haunted Tour Of Ottawa

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Together with your date visit some of Ottawa's most haunted spots. Haunted Walks Ottawa has several different tours, including The Original Haunted Walk which takes you around downtown Ottawa. This eerie tour will tell you some great ghost stories that will give you both chills.

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Dine Under The Stars At Récolte: Fall Harvest Dinner

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For a super romantic date idea, buy tickets for Récolte: Fall Harvest Dinner Pop Up. From September 27 until October 28 you will have the chance to dine under the stars inside a heated garden dome.

The unique dining experience will be a date you both won't forget. The garden domes will be decorated with seasonal decor, and you will be able to enjoy dinner prepared by Top Chef Canada winner, Chef Rene Rodriguez. The four-course meal will feature fresh seasonal ingredients.

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Relax At Nordik Spa-Nature

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For the ultimate fall treat, take your date to Nordik Spa-Nature to relax and recharge together. Here you both can stay toasty in the hot tubs and saunas. If you want to make, your date extra special consider adding access to the Källa treatment or making reservations for a couples massage.

For the picture perfect view of the fall leaves, head to the infinity pool where you can get a fantastic view from the lookout.

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Explore Fright Fest At Saunders Farm

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Scream together at Fright Fest! From September 22 until October 31st Halloween Saunders Farm hosts Fright Fest which has a terrifying haunted ride. You can easily spend the entire evening at Fright Fest touring the various creepy sites and going on the haunted ride. If you both like scary movies, Fright Fest would be an excellent fall date.

Hate scary stuff? It's okay Saunders Farm also has Haunting Season in the day which is the less frightening event. Here you can get lost in a corn maze, go on the less scary version of the haunted ride, and tour the Barn of Terror.

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Go For A Hike In Gatineau Park

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For a classic fall date head to Gatineau Park for a hike. Even if you don't drive, you can still easily get to the park. As part of Fall Rhapsody, there will be free shuttles from Ottawa going directly to Gatineau Park.

Going for a hike together is a great date idea, as not only is it free, but will allow you both to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves. While going for your hike make sure to take a photo of the two of you together with the brightly colored leaves behind you.

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Warm Up Over Some Chocolate Fondue

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Calling all chocoholics, enjoy some chocolate fondue this fall! At Cacao 70 they have decadent chocolate fondue sharing platers that are perfect to share with bae. With several locations around Ottawa, Cacao 70 is a fantastic date spot.

Here you can split a chocolate fondue plater with your date, for a fun, interactive dessert. Both of you can escape the cold, and spend the evening indoors dipping strawberries, waffles, and brownies into melted chocolate.

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Attend The Great Pumpkin Charity Ball

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Halloween isn't just for the kids! This fall, go with your date to the 12th annual Great Pumpkin Charity Ball. The event is being held on October 27 at the St. Brigid's Haunted Castle.

This event is one of the best Halloween parties in Ottawa and will feature a live band and DJs. Together with your date wear your matching costumes. At the ball, they will be awarding prizes for the best costumes.

Not only will you have an amazing time dancing all night, but the proceeds from your ticket will go towards four charities. This year the Great Pumpkin Charity Ball will be supporting The Canadian Cancer Society, The Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing - National Capital Region, St. Jude Children's Hospital and the Ottawa Food Bank.

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Get Up Close To Canadian Animals At Parc Omega

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Fall is one of the best times to visit Parc Omega. Keeping warm inside your car, you and your date can drive near Canadian animals like deer and elk and feed them carrots. In the fall Parc Omega is especially lovely as not only can you enjoy seeing a variety of Canadian animals but you can also enjoy the fall leaves too.

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Captive Escape Rooms

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See how well you both can work together at Captive Escape Rooms. Here you can race against the clock to escape one of the rooms. Captive Escape Rooms makes a great date spot around Halloween as all of their rooms have a creepy feeling. For example, Dracula's Library would make a great escape room to try this fall and can be completed with only two people.

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Camp Fortune Ziplines and Aerial Park

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Just 30 minutes outside of Ottawa you can spend an exhilarating day zip lining through the forest. Camp Fortune aerial park and zip lines make a great date idea that will have you both enjoying time outdoors. In the fall, going zip lining is particularly nice as you will soar above the brightly colored leaves.

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Have Dinner At A Secret Location

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For a bit of mystery, purchase two tickets to Secret Dinner. In Ottawa, they have two events this October. Secret Dinner hosts multi-course dinners at undisclosed locations. Your ticket covers your multi-course dinner and round-trip transportation from Ottawa.

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Cannamore Orchard Acres Of Terror

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If you are feeling brave, take your date to Cannamore Orchard to explore their Acres of Terror. The terrifying event features a spooky wagon ride, the House of Terror (a fun house meets a Haunted House), an interactive spooky village where you can have your fortune told, and fog maze.

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Watch A Movie Outdoors

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Instead of the traditional movie date, do it with a twist by attending the Capital Pop-Up Cinema! On October 27th they will be screening Beetlejuice in Westboro. At the event, there will be heaters to keep you warm, and hot cocoa too!

Go with a thick blanket and watch a movie together under the stars. The film is free to view, and popcorn is available for $2.

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Visit An Orchard Together

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For an easy date idea, spend the afternoon picking apples together at a local orchard. There are several orchards around Ottawa, such as Log Cabin Orchard, Mountain Orchard and Cannamore Orchard where you can pick your apples until mid-October. When picking apples yourself, you pay by the weight of the apples in your basket.

To extend the date, consider bringing the apples back to your home and using them to bake something together! If both of you are more experienced in the kitchen, an apple pie would be a great choice. If both of you are more novice bakers, an easier alternative dessert would be an apple crisp.

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Order Some Pumpkin Spice Lattes

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Fall means PSL time! Celebrate pumpkin spice latte season by treating your date to a large pumpkin spice latte. This easy date is a simple twist to a regular coffee date and is perfect if you don't have a lot of time. Plenty of the local coffee shops make their unique version of the pumpkin spice latte, so perhaps you and your date can schedule regular dates with the aim to try as many different version as possible together!

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