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Warning: There's A Massive Snake On The Loose In Ottawa

A boa constrictor is on the loose in Ottawa right now.

Ottawans beware! A massive snake is on the loose in the city after it escaped from its home late on Friday night. 

The snake, a boa constrictor named Murphy, was reportedly eating a meal in its owner's home when it managed to slither out a slightly open door. Now, he is on the loose in the city and nobody knows where. 

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In an interview with CBC, Murphy's owner Karen Genge said that he is a very shy and quiet snake so she thinks he is probably hiding somewhere. 

Genge also said that her snake has never been outside and she is worried about what could happen to him out there. He was last seen in her Westboro home. 

While boa constrictors aren't venomous, they are illegal to own in Ottawa. According to the cities animal control by-laws, any venomous pet snakes are prohibited as are snakes that can reach an adult length of three meters long. 

While Murphy is less than two meters long, he is still an illegal pet since boas are a type of snake that can grow longer than three meters. 

We aware of unconfirmed reports of a boa constrictor allegedly at large in Kitchissippi Ward.If you should see the snake, do not approach it and call 3-1-1. #ottcity #ottnews

13 August 2018

Ottawa bylaw has said they are aware of the reports of a snake on the loose and are advising people to call 3-1-1, the bylaw line if they spot it.

Murphy is black and grey and about one and a half meters long. He was last seen at his home in Ottawa's west end on Lanark Avenue. 

Source: CBC