We Tried Ottawa’s First-Ever Latté Photo Printer (VIDEO)

Selfie-stamped steamed milk!
Cafe Latte Cinco's New Print Your Face Coffees Are So Instagram-Worthy

You can now get your face printed on a latte at Café Latte Cino, just outside of Ottawa. The bright café has recently started serving up some extraordinary specialty coffees that are too good to miss. The one-of-a-kind coffees are made with a machine called Ripples which allows you to print a picture onto the foam of a latte or cappuccino or even a peppermint mocha if you're feeling festive.

Café Latte Cino lets you choose from a selection of images that are prepped and ready in the app — or you can upload and send an image of your own, which will then be printed onto the top of your caffeinated beverage of choice!

While selfie-stamped steamed milk is likely enough to get you coming back, Café Latte Cino has a couple of other highlights that are definitely worth discovering. The big and bright café is a great place to get some work done or grab a sweet treat, like one of their many European-inspired desserts.

If you have a sweet tooth, Café Latte Cino is the place for you.

WHAT: Super special, printed latte art at Café Latte Cino

WHERE: 2020 Tenth Line Rd #2, Orléans, ON

WHY: You can literally get your face printed on a latte!