There are plenty of times when you forget how fun your own city is. Living in a 'government city', you can sometimes feel like fun just doesn't visit here. But you're wrong. Well, most of the time. 

Ottawa is not the city that fun forgets, no matter how much that rolls off the tongue. When it comes to things to see, eat, and do, there are so many things to keep yourself occupied. You can call this city boring all you want, but after reading this article, there is no way you can say you've done all the fun things in Ottawa. 

So here is what you must see, must eat, and must do in Ottawa: 

Must See

Must Eat

Must Do

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Must see: 

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The beautiful sunflowers at Central Experimental Farm

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The calming view at the Rockcliffe Lookout

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The amazing graffiti at the Tech Wall

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The creepy but amazing outside of the National Gallery of Canada

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And of course, the inside too 

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The stunning view at Champlain Lookout

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The unreal rose wall at Common Eatery

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The beautiful greenery at MosaïCanada150  

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This secret swimming hole at Morrison's Quarry

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This adorable sign at Pure Gelato (and their gelato, of course) 

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The crazy views while walking, biking or canoeing on Dow's Lake 

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Must eat: 

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The unique steamed buns at Datsun

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The pizza at Roberto Pizza that will make you feel like you're in Italy 

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Not a food, but the caesars at Copper Spirits & Sights that are rimmed with actual ketchup chips

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The delicious tacos at Corazón de Maíz 

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The delicious vegan ice cream at Little Jo Berry's 

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The unreal fried chicken at The Fry 

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The healthy AF salads at Mad Radish

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The most amazing sandwich you'll ever have at La Bottega Nicastro

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The best dumplings in the cutest park at Dumpling Park 

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The most delicious egg rolls at Golden Palace Restaurant 

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Must do: 

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Head to an Ottawa REDBLACKS game 

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Have an adorable tea party with your BFFs at The Tea Party Cafe

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Spend the day maxin' and relaxin' at Nordik Spa-Nature

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Act like a kid again (while drinking) at Funhaven 

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Get your exercise on while climbing the stairs at Pink Lake

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See your city from a completely different view on Capital Cruises

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Check out Ottawa's own Nutella Café

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Spend an afternoon in the fresh air at Terrace on the Canal 

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Or out in nature watching this beautiful hidden waterfall at Princess Louise Falls

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Go on a fancy wine tour with Ottawa Tasting Tours