Even though Ottawa is pretty small, it's hard to figure out where to live with all of the neighbourhoods you may or may not know about. Whether you believe in astrology or not, there is always a way to connect your zodiac sign to everyday life. So let the stars decide what neighbourhood you should live in next in Ottawa.

1. Capricorn // Downtown Ottawa

Capricorns are ambitious and hard working. They strive off of being around others and are very responsible when it comes to handling their money. Living Downtown Ottawa would help them in all aspects of their life, since most work events and social events are hosted there. The options for a night out in downtown are endless, which is exactly what Capricorns live for.

2. Pisces // Manotick Waterfront

Since a pair of fish represents Pisces, it's only natural that they strive in nature. By the water is where they feel most at home and it's hard to find a place in Ottawa that is by the water. Pisces are also independent, so living with a few neighbours around on the Manotick waterfront would make them feel at peace, relaxed and calm.

3. Gemini // Westboro

Geminis have a crazy imagination and never stop thinking. They are the life of any party, but that can switch at the drop of a hat. Westboro is a dream neighbourhood for Gemini because there is always something to do, yet they can step away and visit Westboro beach to clear their head.

4. Libra // ByWard Market

Libras never want to be alone. They strive most with friends and loved ones nearby which is why living in the ByWard Market would be Libras dream. They'll fit right in with the nightlife, make connections and meet friends at every corner.

5. Aries // Gatineau

Aries are competitive by nature, and are #blessed with so much energy. Living in Gatineau, they would have so much access to bike paths, hiking trails and great beaches to take all their energy out on. There is always something to do living near Gatineau Park so they don't go crazy.

6. Cancer // Barrhaven

Cancer is the most sheltered sign and loves being homebodies. They work well in a calm environment and like to stay in with loved ones. Since Barrhaven is such a family community, and there isn't much going on there, this is where Cancers would do their best work.

7. Taurus // The Glebe

Tauruses love material items but they need to work hard for what they have. They are extremely motivated to have the good things in life, which pays off in the end. The Glebe is the perfect spot for them because of the reputation and the upscale environment of the neighbourhood.

8. Virgo // Carp

With high attention to detail and a boatload of independence, Virgos would love to have a house built the exact way they want it. With hardly any neighbours around and a serene view, Carp is the perfect place for a Virgo to reside. They hate to brag and are very modest, so being away from the city will make them feel very comfortable.

9. Scorpio // Rockcliffe Park

With their positive energy, Scorpio would be the sign to buy one of these extravagant houses. Their determination and hard work will make sure that their goals of owning a wealthy home come true.

10. Leo // Little Italy

Leos main goal is to be centre stage and living in Little Italy would give them just that. With all the restaurants and culture in the neighbourhood, their spark for attention would mesh well with the vibe of Little Italy.

11. Sagittarius // Hintonburg

This sign loves to travel, so they don't need much at home to keep them happy. Sagittarius-born look at the bigger picture and want experience over material items. They enjoy the simple things in life, which is why Hintonburg is the home for Sagittarius.

12. Aquarius // Island Park

Aquarius' love giving back, so what's better than a huge house to throw parties in? They have a specific level of comfort and are freedom-loving, so these big houses with lots of yard space gives them just what they need to feel at home.

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