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18 Things Every Ottawan Is Seriously Missing About Summer

Everything. We miss everything.
18 Things Every Ottawan Is Seriously Missing About Summer

When it's winter, we complain we want summer. And when it's summer, well, we complain that it's too hot but we don't dare to wish for winter. Whether we like to admit it or not, our lives here in Ottawa revolve around the seasons. We're either complaining about how cold it is, or we can't stop talking about how excited we are for a season.

However, we all know you can't beat summer in Ottawa. There is so much more to do, and the city is so beautiful. Let's reminisce on all the things we're missing about summer in Ottawa.

1. All of the music festivals that we're graced with such as Bluesfest and Escapade

I guess we have Winterlude in the winter... No, not the same.

2. Being able to drink in the market without a parka on

Let's be real, drinking just isn't as fun in the winter.

3. Not being judged for eating Sweet Jesus once a week

Eating ice cream in the winter shouldn't be a crime.

4. Using Canada Day as an excuse to get absolutely wasted

Since Canada is turning 150 this year, we all know it'll be a mess.

5. Not freezing to death while waiting for OC Transpo

As apposed to dying of heat.

6. Road trips that don't involve planning around the weather/snow

"We'll see how the weather is that day!"

7. Rollerblading, biking or walking around the Rideau Canal

Now it just involves slipping on your butt and hoping no one noticed.

8. Not hearing people talk about the snow

We get it. We're living it. Stop.

9. Taking an obligatory Instagram picture at the Tulip Festival

A way prettier sight than piles of snow.

10. Spending an entire day and paycheque at Calypso

Nothing in winter beats this. Nothing.

11. Spending time with friends at our so called 'beaches'

Now we do everything to not leave our houses in the winter.

12. Hiking in Gatineau Park without 10 layers on

This one is self explanatory. You're freezing, but still sweating.

13. Touring the outdoor farmers markets at Lansdowne Park and ByWard Market

Or just enjoying being outside in general.

14. Actually wanting to wake up and get out of bed for brunch

Looking outside and being excited to step outdoors. We all miss what that feels like.

15. Picnics in one of Ottawa's beautiful parks

Picnics are the skating of summer.

16. Actually being able to show off your outfit on a night out without a huge jacket/boots

Girls spend way too much money on clothes to not be able to show it off. If our jacket is our outfit, you'll know.

17. Parliament Hill yoga

A great asset to Ottawa in the summer which we all say we'll do but never actually do.

18. Watching a movie with your bae at Templeton Drive-In Theatre

Imagine doing this in the winter? *Car battery dies from blasting the heat for two hours straight*

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