Once the warm weather rolls in, spending your day with good friends sipping on good drinks becomes the best way to embrace the weather. Patio season is seriously the best season soaking up the hot sun is the absolute best. There are so many places in Ottawa to head to if you love having a day drink with your BFFs. 

This spot in Ottawa has the most amazing view of the city. Seriously if you’re looking for a place to be totally boujee and take all the Insta’s at, you have found it for sure. Not only does this bar let you take in beautiful views, but you can also customize your very own caesar!

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Copper Spirits and Sights is a bar in Ottawa that is the perfect spot to spend your weekend at with the prettiest view. This bar holds an event every month that lets you completely make your very own Caesar. The DIY caesar bar has a variety of different ingredients you can add to your personalized drink. 

The 100 km DIY Walter Caesar bar will be at Copper Spirits and Sights' monthly rooftop Beats + Brunch. If you're someone that loves everything to do with brunch then you have to check out this crazy event. The caesar bar lets you choose from so many different toppings, if you're someone that loves making things perfect for YOU then you will definitely enjoy this event.

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Copper Spirits and Sights also serves up other great drinks and snacks. It is honestly the perfect place to celebrate a birthday or just be totally boujee with your close friends. If you like living life on the boujee side, this hotel rooftop bar is 100% for you. Even if you're not someone that's super boujee, is there anything better than a customized Caesar?!

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Head to Copper Spirits and Sights on April 29th to create your very own epic Caesar. This event is a perfect way to a enjoy delicious brunch and make unbelievable caesars. To make reservations to attend this unreal event email copper@andaz.com ASAP. For more information about this stunning bar be sure to visit their website here

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