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You Can Do An Escape Room At This Jail Outside Of Ottawa And It's Epic

Escape rooms are always so much fun. Whether you're the person that does all the work or the person that follows along, they are a perfect way to spend the night with your friends. Ottawa has so many unique escape rooms and this jail is definitely one of them. 

The people responsible for the largest escape room in the world have once again created an epic escape room. Whether you've seen it in movies, shows, or video games the 'escaping out of jail' scene is iconic. You can officially be a part of the escape scene as you try to break your way out of jail. 

The escape is an hour long and you can do it with 8 people, so rally up your BFFs and try to break out of jail. The hour long escape will totally make you feel like you've been locked in jail and you need to find your way out.

The escape begins with a wrongful accusation. Your squad has been sentenced to death for a crime you didn't commit. You have no mercy from the extremely strict judge so it's completely up to your squad to take matters into your own hands.

The unique escape room is at The Historic Cornwall Jail, located at 11 Water Street in Cornwall. The escape costs $27 per person and it is definitely worth it. For more information about this escape room click here

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