St. Raphael's Ruins was one of the first English-speaking Roman Catholic churches in Canada. It was built between 1815 and 1821 in Cornwall, and was an absolutely beautiful church that held 1000 people. This historic site is just a 45 minute drive from Ottawa, which is a perfect day trip. 

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Unfortunately, there was a huge fire in 1970 that destroyed all but the massive stone masonry walls. Now all that stands are the walls, but it makes for a beautiful ruin that you can visit any time of the year. 

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Since the church was so popular, they needed to do something to preserve the area to make sure it didn't get torn down and to keep its beauty. In 1999 the Friends of the Ruins of St. Raphael had raised enough money to complete the final stabalization phase. 

Since then, the organization has raised over $730,000 and spent $670,000 on repairs. Now, the site is used for tourists, weddings, and there is even rumours about concerts being held here this summer. It's an absolutely beautiful place that will take your breath away. It was named a National Historic Site in 1999 and is completely free to visit, but donations are always welcome. 

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