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You Can Follow This Itinerary For The Perfect Saturday In Ottawa

All your plans are made for you.

Let's all agree that we're over the rain and ready for a real summer now. Since there is only 6 weeks left of summer, we need to spend every weekend living it up! 

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This itinerary will help you create the perfect Saturday in Ottawa. Of course, you can take things out or put things in, or do less if you're on a tight budget! No matter what you do, you'll have a blast. 

The full map will be at the end! 

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First Stop: Breakfast

You need to start out the day with fueling your body. There is noooo way you can get through this long list with a growling stomach! Start out with breakfast at Pressed, which is a waffle restaurant. They have amazing waffles that are paired with eggs Benedict, chicken, and much more!

Price: $6 - $11

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Second Stop: A Pick-me-up

Of course, you'll also need some caffeine to get you through the day. Origin Trade is an amazing place downtown that will serve you whatever you need. Their London Fog and Original Chai is to die for!

Price: $2 - $5

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Third Stop: Museum 

How often do you actually check out the museums in the city? You've most likely been here before, but on a 6th grade field trip doesn't count! Take a couple of hours to check out the National Gallery of Canada and see all of the beautiful art pieces.

Price: $15

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Fourth Stop: A Sweet Treat

You need a sweet treat by now, since it's probably around 3 pm and you're crashing. These macaron ice cream sandwiches from Quelque Chose Pâtisserie are the perfect treat before dinner. Also, they'll make an amazing Instagram picture too.

Price: $5 - $10

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Fifth Stop: Drink Time

You can't go downtown Ottawa and not sit on a patio. Even if it's just a quick drink before dinner, you need to see what the hype is all about. Atari has the cutest drinks ever, such as roasted marshmallows and cotton candy topping the drinks. And their patio definitely isn't awful either!

Price: $8 - $14

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Sixth Stop: Dinner

There are a ton of options to enjoy for dinner in Ottawa, however the vibe of Common Eatery is unreal. They have a small menu but everything on their is delicious and original, and they also have a drink called The Unicorn that is just as tasty and pretty as it sounds. I recommend the steak frites as well as the gnocchi!

Price: $12 - $25

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Seventh Stop: Walk Around The Rideau Canal

How could you not? The Rideau Canal is absolutely stunning at night, and we definitely take it for granted. No matter who you're with, you'll be amazed by the sunset reflecting on the water and you can roam further into downtown after for your last stop!

Price: Free

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Last Stop: A Hidden Patio

This courtyard restaurant will make you feel like you've teleported to Europe. It's absolutely stunning, and at night you'll feel right at home. The Courtyard Restaurant is the perfect place to grab a glass of wine before ending the most amazing day that you've just had. Happy Saturday!

Price: $10 - $20

On foot, this whole itinerary would be around 4 hours. That's including the Rideau Canal! Good for you for getting in that exercise 😉

For a larger view of the map, click here.

Happy Saturday!