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You Can Get Bowls Of Pho Larger Than Your Head At This Spot In Ottawa

Even though summer is on it's way (I mean, most likely), it's never a bad time to eat a bowl of pho. Pho is a classic, make you feel better kind of food that never goes out of style. It makes you feel better when you're sick, sad, happy, or even just cold AF. So what happens when you combine pho with the world extra large? A lot of things. But only good things. 

The largest bowl of pho in the world is actually two hours from Vancouver and located in Seattle. While we may not have the largest bowl of pho in the world, we have quite the big bowl of pho here in Ottawa. If you're a lover of pho, this is your heaven. 

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Located at Pho Bo Ga 2 in Ottawa, this delicious Vietnamese restaurant located in Little Italy will blow your mind. And if you think you'll have to pay an arm and a leg for this huge bowl of soup, think again! These XL bowls of pho range from $16.95 to $17.95 and they have so many options of what you can put in the soup. 

The options for XL soups are unique. You can get the classic chicken soup, beef soup, or you can get 'soup specials' which can be anything from a mix of beef and chicken to seafood soup or even wonton soup. No matter which one you choose, you'll want to come back all the time. 

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And even if you're not a huge fan of pho, they have a ton of other options that you'll love. Since it's a Vietnamese restaurant, they have vermicelli, udon stir fry, and a ton of appetizers to choose from like rice wraps, spring rolls and they even have shakes! The restaurant mostly carries pho, but you can definitely find something else you'll enjoy on the menu. 

Pho Bo Ga 2 is located at 857 Somerset St W and it's open daily from 10 am to 2 am, so you can even get your fix if you have a late night craving. For more information on the menu, location and pho options, visit their website here

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