You Can Get Churro Milkshakes At This Stunning Cafe In Ottawa

Now that summer is finally around the corner, we can actually think about getting a nice cold drink, ice cream or even better, a milkshake. There is something about a milkshake that is so creamy, delicious, and you don't have to worry about it dripping down your hands when it's hot AF outside. 

While places like Dairy Queen or McDonald's have iconic milkshakes, there are some local places in Ottawa that do it even better. Have you ever heard of a churro milkshake? Me neither. But La Catrina Churros + Cafe Bar in Ottawa stepped up the milkshake game and gave us the gift of a churro milkshake. 

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La Catrina Churros + Cafe Bar is pretty new to Ottawa, as it hasn't even been around for a year. This cafe only sells churros, so if you have a churro craving, you know exactly where to go. They have churro ice cream, churro poutine, churro chocolate sandwiches, and even chocolate stuffed churros! 

However, the main attraction is definitely the churro milkshakes. The churro milkshakes have whipped cream on the top, the delicious milkshake in the cup, and then two delicious and fresh churros on the sides. Are you hungry yet?

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You definitely don't have to wait for summer to arrive to indulge in one of these milkshakes. And if you don't want a milkshake, that's totally fine. They have a ton of other options to choose from, and you can even get sandwiches and coffee if you're not a churro fan. 

La Catrina Churros + Cafe Bar is located at 105B Clarence Street and the hours vary. For more information on the menu, location, and about their delicious churros, check out their website here

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