I love unique food trends, whether it's weird combos or black ice cream I am always so interested to see what the next new food is. Everyone loves a good watermelon on a humid summer day, but imagine ice cream AND watermelon. 

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Ice cream served in a watermelon is super trendy right now. Dominique Ansel is the genius behind this glorious combination. This isn't his first time combining two yummy foods, Ansel is also responsible for creating the cronut (croissant-doughnut). So you already know this trend is going to last. 

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This trendy dessert initially was only available in Tokyo and New York. BUT NOW... Ottawans can officially try it now too! 

Little Jo Berry's is an all vegan cafe that has introduced this trendy combo to Ottawa. The watermelon soft serve is a genius creation but here in Ottawa, it's vegan too?! Yes, please. 

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Little Jo Berry's didn't officially announce that they will sell this all year round, so definitely give them a call before heading there to check when exactly it's available.

Head to 1303 Wellington St W to try this amazing invention. For more information on this vegan cafe click here

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