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You Can Live At This All-Inclusive "Student-Housing Building" In Ottawa And It’s Perfect For Your Social Life

A fitness centre and café + housekeeping and pancake nights= next-level living!
You Can Live At This All-Inclusive "Student-Housing Building" In Ottawa And It’s Perfect For Your Social Life
Unit Production Manager

Most of us know how stressful student life can be. We're talking pulling energy drink-fueled all-nighters, waking up blurry-eyed and frazzled, and trying to retain an iota of sanity in the midst of all the chaos. Trust me, I'm well aware of how real the struggle truly is.

On my final day of university, I literally got a shameful three hours of sleep, rushed to go hand in my Linguistics final, then quietly excused myself from class to go frantically throw makeup on my haggard face before snapping a few grad pics. And everytime I glance at that (oddly iconic and sadly representative?) photo, I can hardly believe that I actually ended up graduating. True story!

Anyway, I somehow managed to pull through those four hectic years. It's a good thing, too, because now I'm here to let you in on an astounding place that's making all your student housing-dreams come true. You want practical amenities? A much-needed dose of convenience in your everyday living? A fun social life? Well, then you need to snag a spot at Envie Suites. We're talking student housing that's making life easier and better through the luxury of fully furnished units and loads of amazing amenities. 

Via Envie

Situated in trendy Little Italy, only minutes away from the O-Train, Envie offers fully equipped suites available for 4-month, 8-month, and 12-month leases. Shared rooms start at $710/month and private rooms start at $980/month. Set in a beautifully designed building, the units' exposed concrete and bright accent walls give off urban condo vibes that we can all appreciate!

Envie's units have WiFi, ensuite bathrooms, washer and dryer, and stylish furniture. Heck, even dishes, cookware, and stainless-steel appliances are included! The building also provides housekeeping and 24/7 security. Pack up your clothes and linens, 'cause this place is move-in ready. 

The perks of life at Envie Suites include magnificent views of Ottawa and Dows Lake to pep you up during finals, a lifestyle program, and a strong social culture, so you never again have to hole yourself up with assignments and feel alone in the world!

With games, billiards, a ping-pong table, cozy fireplace, and a shared kitchen to whip up tasty snacks, the penthouse lounge is ideal for chilling with friends (be ready to watch them get jelly of your digs before convincing them to move in with you!)

Forget about paying for a gym membership that you never have the time to use. Envie's fitness center and yoga studio mean you can squeeze in a workout whenever without having to step foot outside! Plus, free weekly Muay Thai, fitness boot camp, and yoga classes. Your physical and mental health will definitely skyrocket here!

And the cherry on top? You literally have your own café! At Simple, you can relax with a cappuccino and sandwich, get to know your friendly neighbours, and pretty much anything else. The mini corner stuff also means you don't have to brave any snowstorms when you run out of basic necessities.

Envie is all about fostering a great social environment and promoting academic growth. With a jam-packed monthly activities calendar full of awesome events, there's always something in the works to keep you busy with your culturally diverse crowd of neighbours! Entertaining events like icebreaker bingo, sundae bar, pancake nights, movie marathons, special screenings, and cookie decorating. Plus, super helpful stuff like weekly grocery buses, resume workshops, study sessions, and more!

Envie also provides a serious support system. You can benefit from Resident Advisors, as they're there to resolve any potential roommate issues, or lend an ear if you need any advice, through email, messaging, or even weekly Coffee Chats. It's nice to know that someone's always got your back here!

Combining a prime location and entertaining social life with impressive amenities and modern furnishings (plus SO MUCH MORE!), Envie Suites is the answer to all your student-housing needs! Life here is exciting, fulfilling, convenient - and it's waiting for YOU. 

Book your spot at Envie Suites now, and check out their Facebook and Instagram to see how living at Envie is always better! 

Brittany Alexandra Silveira
Unit Production Manager